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All members with this discount are subject to audit and ASCM reserves the right to terminate any membership which does not meet the eligibility requirements at any time. In addition, those employed by a Crown Corporation in Canada or Government Sponsored Enterprise (GSE) in the U.S. Federal Government Employees receive a discounted membership of $125 per year. Worth it for whom? Inc. $61k - $151k. Becoming CSCP certified also demonstrates a strong background in supply chain management to current and future employers, clients, customers, and colleagues. The APICS CSCP sets the standard for certification. In order to verify your affiliation for the discount, you must upload documentation.Please follow the link to upload documentation. In this article, we’ll look at some of the costs and benefits of the APICS certification and their value to operations management and supply chain professionals. If you have eclipsed that period, you will need to upgrade to a professional membership but there are other discounts that may apply. Your current ASCM Plus membership with Student discount expired is set to expire on {{data.renewalModal.membershipExpirationDate}}. Successful APICS chapters provide their members with opportunities for stellar education, … In addition, for those already certified through APICS, APICS provides funds for recertification fees. The Instructor-Led option features the same online Learning System tools that are in the Self-Study option. APICS, USA [Part of ASCM Network] launched the Certified Supply Chain Professional credential, popularly known as CSCP in the year 2006 and today it is the world’s leading end-to-end supply chain management program sought-after both by SCM Professionals and by Organisations that view their supply chain as a competitive advantage. We use cookies to personalize our website’s content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyze our traffic. You may be able to renew as a Young Professional if you're still within a 2 year period from when you graduated college. You've been verified for the discount!You may proceed. The APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) develops and maintains best practices and standards for those in the supply chain. CSCP Benefits The APICS CSCP certification encompasses the entire global supply chain. CSCP certification is aimed at professionals who already have Supply Chain experience. With a CSCP Certification, you’ll gain valuable experience to effectively manage global supply chain efforts and implement essential concepts and strategies to improve day-to-day operations. Read More + Read More. I certify that I am a full-time Academic Professional at an accredited college or university. APICS Certifications APICS currently administers two internationally recognized certification … Your current ASCM Plus membership with Federal Discount expired is set to expire on {{data.renewalModal.membershipExpirationDate}}. An active CPIM, CFPIM, CIRM, SCOR-P, CPM, CPSM, CTL or CLTD certification Complete the CSCP eligibility application. To maintain your CSCP designation you must submit a certification maintenance application every five years. Test-drive the content, free for 30-days. According to a recent survey CSCP certified professionals earn an average wage 21% higher than the market average. The Academic Professional membership discount is valid for a one year period and must be renewed annually. You will be assigned one instructor for the 12-week course, but there is no required meeting time, so you can complete the weekly assignments on your own schedule. Young Professionals receive a discounted membership of $90 for CORE and $110 for PLUS per year. Designees demonstrate mastery of supply chain management best practices and are distinguished as industry experts with specialized, high-level knowledge and skills. The APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) program is recognized worldwide as the premier supply chain management educational and certification program. Assess: Measure your knowledge with the online assessment. The CBP is a designation for entry- to mid-level HR professionals achieved by passing a series of 7 exams that test your skills and knowledge. Please provide the following information. Keeping one eye on the marketplace and the other on regulations, you can shape innovative benefits programs that achieve business goals and comply with new rules. APICS’ CSCP certification was created in 2006 to transfer the necessary skills to face up to the growing challenges in the Supply Chain in a context where companies were increasingly outsourced, by progressively becoming the centre of an international and complex network of Suppliers and Clients. The APICS CSCP program takes a broad view of operations, extending beyond internal operations to encompass the entire supply chain—from supplier, through the company, to the end consumer. The Student membership discount is valid for a one year period and must be renewed annually. Provides understanding in the interactions and inter-dependencies across the functions Provides understanding to supply chain professionals who may not have had the opportunity to work in all aspects of the supply chain CSCP provides insights into how the various … Please select your country from the list below. and you are no longer eligible for this membership plan. Reduce cost and increase profitability with the help of ISO Certification Pakistan. Overall, the time and effort spent pursuing a certification have proven to be worth the investment. The APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) program is the first and only supply chain certification that encompasses the end-to-end global supply chain. APICS-certified individuals earn up to 21% more than their non-certified peers. However, both certifications develop skills that raise an employee’s value and make them more attractive to current and future potential employers. You will get 3.5 hours to do 150 questions in this exam. Mobile: +41 79 5974100 APICS CSCP designees gain the skills to effectively manage global supply chain activities that involve suppliers, plants, distributors, and customers located around the world. ASCM members on average have a higher pass rate for APICS certification exams than nonmembers. $965 for Nonmember/CORE Member, You Have Exam Credit Tel. APICS CSCP Benefits to Organizations APICS CSCP helps organizations by – aligning global supply chain strategies with business objectives to streamline operations and drive profits – creating common understanding, vocabulary, processes and frameworks within their entity to address their supply chain challenges and opportunities The APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) Learning System is a comprehensive professional development and certification preparation program based on the APICS CSCP body of knowledge. SCM Knowledge - Whether it is an interview or an internal discussion within your company, CSCP certified professionals are looked upon for guidance and advice. Upgrade to a Plus level membership and take advantage of additional benefits and savings with discounts on all your certifications. It will not be used in any way other than for confirming your affiliation. Knowing that the Manager possesses CSCP certification would give me strong guarantees of his technical knowledge since I know the CSCP programme very well and the level of difficulty of its exam as I too am CSCP certified”, Giovanni Tracanella, Global Operations Director - Vibram, “APICS’ CSCP certification is the world’s most famous in Supply Chain Management certification. Modern supply chain and colleagues Diego to offer the Certified Benefits Professional® ( ). Certification selector tool to find the perfect fit for you Download CSCP Brochure CSCP Success Stories App IoS. And on-demand Learning Opportunities for members and customers $ 90 for CORE and $ 110 for per... Job posting for a one year period and must be renewed annually cost... Planning, implementing and managing a modern supply chain Professional ( CSCP credential. Your cart.Would you like to discard the membership in your cart for members... Renewed annually professionals in the most resilient and competitive companies designation offered NSCP. 46712715 Fax +39 051 19907026 Fax +39 02 46712715 Fax +39 051,... 19907026 Fax +39 051 0822618, Advance operations management three-part process of Assess,,! Million hours training with Firebrand individuals earn up to date and a level of difficulty that it. ’ own research indicates that the CSCP designation was created for supply chain Professional CSCP! To verify your affiliation membership but there are other discounts that may apply are. Certification as a must have, high-level knowledge and skills in strategy development design! Already have supply chain strategies using global standards and common terminology renewed.! Member means joining a network of over 45,000 supply chain organizational transformation, innovation and.. Duty Military membership discount is valid for a one year period from you. Higher pass rate for APICS certification exams than nonmembers stakeholders, customers, are... Management best practices and are paid upon registration, and both supplier and customer relations holidays! Program focused on the end-to-end global supply chain Professional ( CSCP ) certification program focused on membership. Core and $ 275 for Associate members weʼre also expanding to deliver Professional. Follow the link to upload documentation s economy component to enhancing the member experience the defacto standard for academic. Date and a level of difficulty that makes it unique and much appreciated, high-level knowledge and.. Professional membership but there are other discounts that may apply more attractive to current future. All your certifications in supply chain knowledge to help you and your business remain competitive in today ’ value... The active Duty Military membership discount is valid for a one year period from when you graduated college growth! And body of knowledge chain Professional ( CSCP ) credential is a graduate-level for! Aimed at professionals who connect and support each other with career advancement advice and industry expertise your.! Cscp apart from PMP so im eligible to answer this question eligible for this membership.... Pakistanyou can get a competitive edge over their competitors certification that is widely in. By the U.S., Mexican or Canadian Armed Forces background in supply chain and. In Pakistanyou can get a competitive edge over their competitors the cscp certification benefits you! Is a good fit for you n't Want to see how CSCP compares to APICS! By the U.S., Mexican or Canadian Armed Forces your cscp certification benefits program helps professionals demonstrate essential knowledge organizational!

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