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It offers the best cuisine in Houston, various coffee shops, and rich nightlife. The crime rates take into account murder, assault, rape, … In this video I am focusing on suburbs, and in the next video I upload, I will focus on city neighborhoods in Houston. Not only is the population huge, but the area includes 10 counties covering some 900 square miles and spreads some 50 miles in each direction. To put that into perspective, in West University Place, the median income is $250,001, which is the best in the area. Greater Heights, Houston. It is the number 1 most desirable place to live in Houston, with plenty of restaurants, activities, bars, and art events going on in the area. Of course, the price tags of the homes reflects this picture perfect neighborhood. Like many other neighborhoods, this area declined after World War II, but later received attention when it was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 2011. ... Best Neighborhoods (88) Best Places To Live (58) Best Small Towns (32) Diverse (51) Families (49) The rapidly growing Houston area continues to rank the fourth largest metro area in the United States behind New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. C reated as an enclave for Johnson Space Center employees in the early ’60s, this master-planned suburb 20 miles southeast of downtown Houston has grown up with its residents. The area is among the most walkable neighborhoods in Houston, and features a number of amenities that make for a getaway from the hustle and bustle of a busy avenue. It houses the prestigious Rice University and is also home to Hermann Park and Houston Zoo. The Memorial Corridor is a prime example of downtown Houston's efforts to make areas more residential. Downside to living in a suburb like Sugar Land is that we get "bubbles". Downtown remains the center of most city businesses and government offices, but is also a thriving cultural and social hub for all ages. The city was regarded as the "Best City to Live in" in 2010 and development has been steady growing since then. In addition to being one of the safest neighborhoods in Houston, this Far Northeast community—nicknamed “The Livable Forest”—is a heavily-wooded escape from the city. With that in mind, here’s our list of the top six Houston-area communities to build a new home: 1. The Galleria is close to Houston's two most dynamic neighborhoods: River Oaks and Memorial. In order to determine Houston’s worst neighborhoods, we had to give each neighborhood an actual concrete score: we’ll call this a neighborhood’s overall ‘Snackability’. The Heights having recently experienced a renaissance of sorts is an eclectic artsy community. What has really fueled the growth in Katy is its easy access to the Energy Corridor, and the abundance of land availability. This community is within commuting distance of jobs in downtown Houston and all of the northern suburbs. Best Neighborhoods to Live in Houston. See More Rankings > Rankings for Houston in Texas. Part of Memorial is in Houston and part has its own government. If there was ever an acceptable suburb to move to for the dining-out scene, it’d be the Woodlands. Kingwood is one of Houston's most rapidly flourishing suburbs. And be sure to take a look at this blog post for our best tips on relocating to Houston. Greatwood is the top area of Houston to build a new home. Katy - Katy is the second most popular suburb in the Houston area. But what many of these residents have in common is the need to venture into a walkable downtown area that’s dense in stores, attractions and restaurants. And while much of the metro is (admittedly) strip malls and cul de sacs, pockets of the city can often surprise visitors with their vibrance, award-winning eateries, and renowned attractions.That’s if, of course, you know where to go. Best Neighborhoods Wife & I may be moving to Houston for work - was just wondering what the best neighborhoods are that aren’t in the city. ), employment opportunities, housing affordability and crime rates. The city of Houston, Texas, contains many neighborhoods, ranging from planned communities to historic wards.There is no uniform standard for what constitutes an individual neighborhood within the city; however, the city of Houston does recognize a list of 88 super neighborhoods which encompass broadly recognized regions. Rice is quite a large neighborhood area within Houston, at over 16,000 people. THE NEIGHBORHOOD OPTIONS IN HOUSTON —huge, sprawling, diverse Houston—are seemingly endless. Choosing which part of town suits you best is a … CHECK OUT MORE FROM OUR '7 DAYS OF SUBURBS' WEEK. And to ensure your move is seamless, here are the most recommended movers in Houston. Cinco Ranch. Unlike all my other “best cities” or “best places to live in Houston” videos that are jammed pack with facts and statistic driven, this one is totally and fully my opinion. Notes Best Neighborhoods in Houston. The Best Areas to Stay in Houston – Top Districts and Hotels. This predominantly residential neighborhood features a demographically diverse population inhibiting townhomes, renovated mansions, bungalows with porches, and cottages. Are you curious what are the best neighborhoods to live in, in Houston Texas, then you are in the right spot. Not only is the population huge, but the area includes 10 counties covering some 900 square miles and spreads some 50 miles in each direction. This neighborhood has good schools, good shopping and nice houses. RELATED: Several Houston neighborhoods at top of 2019 list of best suburbs to buy a home in Texas. There are many, many more neighborhoods in Houston, each with a personality of its own — so best of luck in your moving endeavors. All snarkiness aside, South Houston has the 2nd lowest home values in the metro Houston area, where the median price is $92,500. Gaining its name from the three million-square-foot shopping complex, the Galleria is the largest mall in Texas and the eighth largest in the United States. Listed below are the best neighborhoods in Houston for singles and young professionals for 2020. See what the buzz is all about that makes Katy, Texas the best place to live. To get this score, we looked at the latest census data on income levels, unemployment rates, crime, and home prices for 26 Houston neighborhoods with over 6,000 residents. 1. Pearland is referred to by residents as the place where Suburbs were new and growing in Houston, so this neighborhood expanded quickly. Though this neighborhood can be pricier compared to suburbs farther outside of the city, its quick access to Downtown Houston makes it a desirable spot for … South Houston has an unemployment rate of 5.95% which ranks 8th worst. Montrose is another excellent neighborhood for investing in the Houston real estate market. The Galleria is a complete package for visitors and allows them to enjoy the best of Houston. The city of Houston and surrounding suburban areas really get into the Christmas spirit in December and put on spectacular shows for the community to enjoy. By Brooke Viggiano. People on one side don't always mingle with people on the other due to the sprawling nature of Houston. Worst Houston Suburbs. Neighborhoods have personalities all their own. It is located west of downtown Houston off of I-10. The Woodlands - The Woodlands is an award winning master planned community north of Houston that many think is a city, when actually it is a newly established township. We take you around West University in Houston to find out what it's like to call it home. Best Neighborhoods in Houston Texas - Suburb Edition - blog post by Jordan Marie Schilleci, REALTOR®, Jo & Co.. Right next to Memorial, right outside the 8 loop, and near… you guessed it… many of Houston’s energy companies. Comment and join the discussion. While it is typically true that the trendiest neighborhoods in Houston are within the 610 loop, the Galleria is the exception. To calculate our rankings we used the following criteria: median age, people between the ages of 25-34, local amenities (bars, restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops, etc. If you’re looking for the best Houston suburbs, Kingwood may be the perfect home for you! The center consists of more than 40 dining places from world-class cuisine to the local Houston food. Located in the western part of downtown—a thriving area of recent development—Memorial Corridor quickly is becoming one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city. Visit to read about the 5 best Texas suburbs for commuting to Houston. Houston might be a city of 2+ million people, but it can often feel like a small town. Energy Corridor. But hey, what Houston's best neighborhoods don't make up in wealth, they make up in boatloads of H-Town fun. Houston, TX is surrounded by many great suburban cities that offer easy commutes to the Texas city. Houston’s popular southwest side has many desirable smaller neighborhoods that are just outside the loop (the inner city-circling Loop 610 Freeway). Situated within the 8,100 acre master planned community, Cinco Ranch in Katy, TX blends up-town style with old-world charm and is ranked the #2 in Best Places to Live in Houston Area by We know that when people are searching for the best neighborhood they are also looking for things like nice looking homes, great parks, and friendly neighbors; and folks, Houston's best neighborhoods have all that and then some. There is/was so much farm and pasture land. The Best Eating Neighborhoods in Houston, Ranked. Greater Heights is a suburb north of Highway 10 and west of I-45, and it is a short hop to Hardy Toll Road. So, if you’re up for a festive drive, these are the best neighborhoods to see Christmas lights in the Houston area. Neighborhood development began in the 1880s because of the nearby Hardy Rail Yards expansion. Houston enjoys a subtropical climate, so the recommended months to visit the city are May and September.During the summer months, temperatures of over 90ºF (32°C) are common, while in mild … 2. Greatwood. Most were built from the 1940s to the 1970s, for modestly upper-middle-class families, and many have been well maintained. 1. Houston suburban residents represent a mixture of cultures, family types, and professions. With a city as big as Houston, though, it can be a daunting task separating out all the different neighborhoods and figuring out where to build your dream home. Check out the 10 best South and Southeast Houston suburbs below and see where they’re located using our Houston Texas suburbs map. The rapidly growing Houston area continues to rank the fourth largest metro area in the United States behind New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Here is the list of 10 neighborhoods in Houston where you can buy a house or invest in a rental property. Located just outside of the I-610 Loop, Memorial is one of the best places for families to live in Houston! We just turned 25, plan on starting a family soon & make about $110k between the two of us.

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