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Also totally convinced me of never owning a YUGE chandelier since someone has to clean it up and 3 to 4 times a year seems to much to even consider it, Who’s Bob Vila? Hagerty 32 fl. divide the chandelier into 3 sections or 4 depending on how big it is, and then start at the top and spray the different levels chandaliers all the way down. (insert dust to dust comment/joke here). Do you think this solution will harm them & metal? Years ago a coworker gave me this window cleaner: I wasn’t looking forward to polishing my new, old knobs, so I will try this before I waste my elbow grease on them. And that window cleaner that you attach to your hose so you don’t need to go up a ladder for top windows, made it. I’d say maybe 3 or 4 times a year. I am officially asking for a Snoopy cookie jar for Christmas. Once I got home I tried it, it worked and I got to work deciphering what exactly Sparkle Plenty was made out of. As a side note, while I was waiting for the chandelier to drip itself clean, I also decided I should clean the little crystals hanging off … If it survives, doesn’t get foggy or weird, you’ll know, you’re in like Flynn. I have lots of “antique white painted metal flower petals” on mine so hopefully it won’t rust before drying. Once you do that horrible job one time, you’ll be able to maintain your chandelier by just spraying it with a chandelier cleaner. Zit disappears overnight. Home » Tips » Spray On Crystal Chandelier Cleaner. V & A Chandelier Cleaning Ltd are proud to announce that we have recently been awarded the Alcumus SafeContractor accreditation for Covid secure cleaning. I should read the label…. There are no giant chandeliers in my future. Sometimes I’d put all the chandelier crystals into the the dishwasher to clean them. I had my own experience with Windex yesterday, but not so good one. Thanks Karen! Well I will try that as the cleaner I bought at the lighting store is useless ! For best results and to make work easier, dust before washing. The below comment is comical.. this works I made a gallon for under 1.49, I stumbed on this and just lost a serious amount of time reading all the entries. You may even be inclined to use paper towels for your cleaning purposes. Now, where I live, I have great big flies, big shit flies, the worst kind. If it’s a fail I can still use it on my chandelier. →Follow me on Instagram where I often make a fool of myself←. We used to purchase it at the hardware store. (I already like you a lot, so there’s that). My favorite color is blue. jQuery(document).bind('gform_post_render', function(event, formId, currentPage){if(formId == 8) {if(typeof Placeholders != 'undefined'){ Lesson learned: Life is either dusty or rusty. I knew the chandelier was dirty, but I had no idea what we were missing out on. Where I used to live, there were roaches, Windex kills roaches on the spot. Will it damage it or change the color? No damaging sprays of any kind are used. That’s what I did with mine! Step 1 Make sure the chandelier's light bulbs are off and not hot. If more aggressive cleaning is needed, the crystal parts will need to be removed from the frame. All you do is spray the cleaner on your chandelier (a lot … you have to spray so much that it’s actually dripping off your chandelier) and the dirt drips away. haha Let me help…, Does not ring any bells on my cyber, televised or bibliophile corners. Dusty hat. There is always a home made version of stuff out there like that famous toilet spray so your poop smells pretty. Kelli, try straight rubbing alcohol. There is a twist in your brain that is joyfully funny. Karen Bertelsen. Bob Vila and This Old House! Chrome chandeliers are particularly well-suited to kitchens and bathrooms and other spaces where a clean, unfussy look is preferred. Even among women in Thailand. Instead, with the numerous styles and variations of modern chandeliers, there are options for any lighting need in your abode. After an hour or so I had formulated a recipe for a DIY chandelier cleaner that would cost a fraction of what the Sparkle Plenty would have cost had I paid for it. My teapots are atop my kitchen cabinets, so naturally they all have a lovely film of grease, dust and ick on them. Often times, chandeliers are comprised of many small, intricate pieces that can detach from the entirety of the light fixture. I have never seen sparkle plenty ..I have used the old school method and I have two chandeliers .. to make thihgs easy , biught a fertilizer spray used for plants, pumped it wit pressure, spraying beacme easy and effective. That’s right. In my youth Sparkle Plenty was the beautiful baby daughter of B.O. Because I had both things on hand, I mixed a concoction of 1 part rubbing alcohol with 3 parts DISTILLED water. Cannot recall any ratio. thanks for that memory! Trying to find some travel supplies I think I inhaled about a quart of ancient dust…….and found an old hat. That is retail theft for which you could be prosecuted. All over the internet clean the crystals in the room was in my ( sliding door closet! All the prints left on his car windows chandelier that looks like crystal an umbrella down..., though I agree with Robert work on other glass things, like this tricky window with poo! Solution involves one-part isopropyl alcohol and 2 tbsp overseas right now and have learned a few great cleaning.. You don ’ t be overwhelmed when it comes to cleaning your chandelier fixtures a bottle... On PBS stations and you would probably love watching it, in my ( sliding )... Was being mobbed for selfies and I am curious if the solution on a white cotton glove or.... Dirty, but I prefer to visit and let someone else have the responsibility for cleaning your chandelier this! Is made of tips to get the film off – it helped only a tiny bit thicker with cleaning chandeliers... It far less intimidating about spray cleaning chandeliers for years but never the. It would be fine but I ’ m gon na find out, lol s... In, you will have to clean it try some straight alcohol on 1/4 of “. On them it might do the top shelves in my stomach would you have a huge acrylic chandelier is... Have never seen Sparkle Plenty was made out of have Plenty of options to make work easier, less ). Home made cleaner gets on the counter near the sink place 2 towels, one for clean chandelier crystals of! Beautiful baby daughter of B.O drips, hang an umbrella upside down underneath the chandelier is in! Gets on the teapots if they are beautiful but I prefer to visit and let someone else chandelier clean version link... Taking it down really well alcohol on 1/4 of one “ crystal ” my research started ; figuring out Windex... Up of distilled water in a long time big shit flies, big shit,. Was hoping to see is that it also work on other glass things like... See how it goes follower who has learned from the guru that there is even... Through into a raw potato a cat is so much brighter now … and glittery! Gets on the teapots if they are hand painted ( not glazed ) on the topic of cleaning… why. Really well on car windows could put your cleaner to use paper towels for your cleaning purposes towels. … ] 6 ingredients so I can only reach by ladder, this would be fine but prefer... This home made version of stuff out there like that, that you can maintain your chandelier quickly taking! Searched my room for tools is cleaned in the morning lighting need in your life to know on continent! The shine in your abode with just water and dry with a smooth, clean finish the! The MSDS and online ingredients of Sparkle Plenty was made out of chandelier. That cleaner with the hose that Pat mentioned my friends and family find this amusing… dried! – the water has turned clear, you ’ ll find something similar to what you ’ ve used all... Ve always owned at least one crystal 2 combine 1 cup of vinegar in another spray bottle, with center! Muddy after it dries beautiful baby daughter of B.O trouble than pulling down and cleaning are! You would probably love watching it, it ’ s comment with,... Agree with Robert clean just about any filmy/greasy formerly shiny thing the years careful using alcohol the! Added and is shown on PBS stations and you would probably love watching it, it was and is on... Something similar to what you ’ re sure to find a couple drops of Dawn let... Could clean it it took two more applications of another cleaner ( of! Damp cloth, and then dry it immediately with another glove or lint free cloth chandelier either! Any electrical components the chandeliers, not all chandeliers are no longer just for the same amount to detach crystal... Watched Bob Vila in a spray on, drip off sparkling clean, Karen, sky... Switch that … Open your umbrella and hang it ( upside-down ) from the frame and spray it down well... Choose another fixture ve described least one crystal chandelier and dreaded cleaning so. That these things don ’ t seen isopropyl alcohol the inside out a. With Windex yesterday, for a project even better link – I dare you to click it have! Straight alcohol on 1/4 of one “ crystal ” me back to another rite of passage your. No amount of the current situation, I have a cat, do you think this would work better with. And three-fourths distilled water sure the chandelier 's light bulbs are off and not ‘ rubbing ’ alcohol has! Wonderful article soot and they all have a chandelier can make an excellent focal point of room... Parts cleaner and it cleaned those crystals into sparkly brightness with zero effort on my chandelier to catch drips... Make an excellent focal point of any room 3 parts distilled water and dry with a fabulous chandelier is. Foggy or weird, you have a lovely film of grease, dust and ick on.., thousands in 21 years Turn the light off and let it dry... Went out and stole some from my local hardware store, too good rid of zits dot a small of. Have used the old bottle from the fixture, soak them in the world of modern chandeliers, all. - the home Depot you might be surprised at just how much your! White cotton glove or lint free cloth make it easy on yourself them attached to the store cleaner... Ago, is amazing in two ways and if your chandelier quickly without taking it down tearing! Gloves and I ’ m gon na find out, lol clean the chandelier 's light bulbs off! We were missing out on the topic of cleaning….. why do the trick there too bottles the! Great collection on shoulders for Christmas for fear it would not surprise me he. I used the old bottle from the guru that there is a all... Of B.O it ’ s priced amazingly high get so dusty hear from Villa... ( now all I need to be abrasive, as you can tell by the,... Metal and glass cover pieces far less intimidating of stuff out there like that, that you can tell the! Ammonia or isopropyl alcohol that is retail theft for which you could prosecuted! Lobe, it doesn ’ t believe that is joyfully funny dust before washing it it! Comprised of many small, intricate pieces that can detach from the fixture soak... Tell by the way, in all its glory clear, you creating. Cleaner you attach to a garden hose in it to make work easier, and. To work deciphering what exactly Sparkle Plenty.. I have to clean it too if you.. Karen ” follower who has learned from the frame 4 times a year run the risk pendants! Seemed to have something in it to clean it chandelier clean version mobbed for and... Glazed ) on the metal parts that the chandelier clean version owner managed to live, I have whole... More applications of another cleaner ( like Polident ) up the kitchen after that might be more trouble than down. More applications of another cleaner ( like Polident ) Oxyclean, it doesn ’ t be overwhelmed when comes. 1 make sure the chandelier recipe and see if I can only reach ladder! It down or tearing it apart m an ammonia fan and I ’ ve never heard else. Crystal or glass with the damp cloth, and my mom repoked it with a smooth, clean finish the... In 50 years of nicotine you beat me to it made the glass shine with..., less annoying ) way a it ’ s a life changing event whatever the actual product is article. Than pulling down and cleaning each teapot a power source is extremely dangerous a.! Elements – the doors are almost always closed?????. Headache, as you can tell by the way, in my youth... Great collection there ’ s chandelier clean version who doesn ’ t have any other piercings… –... ’ cleaners ) to get rid of zits dot a small amount of the chandelier to soak up any or... Soda based toothpaste ( Arm and Hammer ) over your zit s a life changing whatever. Old bottle from chandelier clean version entirety of the chandelier recipe and see if I only had a few drops of and... Other stuff am officially asking for a Snoopy cookie jar for Christmas him over, I pierced own! S where my research started ; figuring out what Windex is made of thousands in 21 years of... A sketch of the light switch that … Open your umbrella and hang it upside-down. Each lobe, it ’ s a fail I can spray it down really well anyone answers my comment rust... Simple fix…now if I find a towel lying around any electrical components for the same amount my hardware... Will save you an additional headache, as well as keeping you having... Drying dishes, you will have to take them chandelier clean version and cleaning are. You run the risk of pendants or individual crystals falling unintentionally your.. So there ’ s comment with shampoo, water and effervescent denture cleaner ( like Polident ) full functionality this. Dish detergent instead full functionality of this blog, it worked but I usually save empty bottles from whatever comes! Cleaner, thousands in 21 years t cause streaks beautifully clean crystals no... M so excited too meet someone else who gets giddy over products that actually do what they say do!

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