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However, some websites like Codechef and TopCoder don't have questions for complete beginners. I guess while asking such question you expect to find answer in form "Here is the list, learn everything from it and you'll ace every single div2 contest". On a separate note, I believe it'll nice if each topic has its list of tutorials too. I am thinking a dp on tree solution, something like O(N*K^2) but that would be too slow. Anyway what I also think is, that it won't ensure you any of the skill-levels: There are many more thinks, which "shuffled" together makes you good at CP and the knowledge of algorithms is "only" (but it is imho important) one of the "carrier pillars". And what others find easy might be difficult for me. Find first + Binary Search, (4) //NICE! Watch for activity of any Codeforces user. So practice more and gather experiences. Actually, I made it for my personal practice. Maximum Xor Secondary9 5 Problem C. Game on Tree10 6 Problem D. k-Maximum Subsequence Sum12 7 Problem E. Sequence Transformation15 1 Revision en7, by Ahnaf.Shahriar.Asif, 2019-06-16 07:29:53 Today I've listed some DP tutorials and problems. (5) //Wilson't theorem! Good day to you sahil070197 GreenGrape usernameson, Thank you for your contriution. These are classified into various problem types and categories. It is supported only ICPC mode for virtual contests. I have one suggestion though if you can change order of questions. Codeforces. Nearest Fraction3 3 Problem A. Rectangle Puzzle5 4 Problem B. It's my pleasure to get a reply from you! Back/Front, (2), (4) //BS * 3 (same), (4) //BFS — easy .. some ifs, (4) //NICE! Please guide me . by number, (6) //vypsat cisla: f(N)=Phi(N),g(N)=N. The problems are sorted, the most solved problem comes first. 11:11. It helped me a lot in grasping very basic dp questions and tricks. Parameters tags , and problemsetName that are a semicolon-separated list of tags and custom problem set’s short name respectively can be added. (4) //NICE — Prefix dictionary [or math], (5) //[NICE][IMPLEMENTATION], 8015 — Alice and Bob play Contact (5) //[VERY NICE] 1stBob, (4), 10860 UVA (4) //DP + Trie [nice — slightly generic], (4) //Sample trie — but slightly weak/wrong data-set, (5) //[NICE][DOUBLE], Gym 100818E [2015-2016 ACM-ICPC Southeastern European Regional Programming Contest (SEERC 2015)]. not much sure now — yet imho firstly there is some check with "L" parameter... and then probably getting "MEX" (minimal unused value). (4) //boring problem, (1), (1) //Find all lucky, (1) //Iteration, (1) //Iff/Logic, (2) //[PRINTING], (1) //[EASY][PRINT][TIME], (1) //Iff-party, (1) //if or perm, (2) //No idea — just cycles, (1) //conversion, (1) //Simple sum +N-1, (1) //Very easy [fe. This question needs details or clarity. BTW Thanks -Morass-, The only programming contests Web 2.0 platform, The Application of Lagrange Interpolation in Mathematics, CSES Problem Set update June 2019: New problems and hacking, Technocup 2021 Elimination Round 3 and Round #692 (Div. :( After expanding the categories and searching for "random", I found 9 problems, but I think it deserves its own category. I probably have one or two basic DP tutorials too. Beginners might get scared if the very first question drives them off. Hello! Before contest Codeforces Round #687 (Div. Programming competitions and contests, programming community . Can you please share a hint or your code about this one? Active 6 days ago. Some problems mighthave number next_to them, which is estimated difficulty, but it is just "a very wild guess" :). Enter | Register. This topic stands for Big Integer — so problems with numbers which doesn't fit in 264 :). Dynamic Programming Problems and solutions (VPlanet):, Dynamic Programming Problems Collection (Codeforces Blog):, How can I be perfect in dynamic programming? Programming competitions and contests, programming community. Might be some names for prehistoric problem solving techniques. Codeforces problem - Pairs by Errichto. But I think It may Help others too.↵ ↵ **Note: If you have some other tutorial links and nice problems, mention them. By default problem creator has WRITE permission to the problem. sure: LA stands for Live Archive — it is a judge which stores most of the problems from Regional Contests + World Finals. (Quora):, SOS Dynamic Programming [Tutorial] (Codeforces Blog): Also, as you can see, my progress is not that good so maybe it would be better to ask some red-coder (or nutela). Finally, each sheet contains ~100 problems. (5) //each f[i]/c[i] separately, (4) //just factorisation + prime check (10^12), (5) //gcd == Power of 3 => YES, (2) //Chceck if sum is divisible by N. (3) //sqrt(N)==N? Yah, the second one is for the Chinese people. ), (4) //NICE: Almost BF-able (but care of low K), (3) //NICE & EASY: begin/end/actual/USED, (4) //State search — many IF's (EASY), (7) //NICE: DP on tree + fast BF + hack. For exmaple I think it will be better if you put Consecutive sequence problem before as Multiply and New year. Programming competitions and contests, programming community. Codeforces. Codeforces. (Sorry for bad english). Just the thing I want in my semester break vacation! ), 4 //MAP to get ORDER — FW == LIST, (4) //Nice — number of inversions + 2P. Codeforces #172 Tutorial xiaodao Contents 1 Problem 2A. Codeforces 131-A problem solution A. cAPS lOCK time limit per test 0.5 second memory limit per test 256 megabytes input standard input output standard output wHAT... Codeforces 110 - A problem … Note: Gyms problems and unrated problems are only considered in number of solved problems and number of submissions. Codeforces. Sort + Fenwick, (3) //NICE & EASY, (4) //N Fenwick trees, (4) //2xFenwick (triples counting), (4) //[VERY NICE] 11*Fenwick, (4) //NICE [triplet-comparing][sort], // Sugested by ak07_, (7) //[VERY NICE][D&C][MODULAR], Gym 100960C [2015-2016 Petrozavodsk Winter Training Camp, Nizhny Novgorod SU Contest],, (8) //MAGIC, 5 //abc hamming, (5) //Stoer-Wagner [global], I //[NICE], E //[VERY NICE][GRID], (4) //Basic, (4) //[NICE][MATCHING][BS], //Raw (no sauce), (5) //NICE [Matching-like][+BFS], 4322 — Destroying the bus stations (Live Archive), 11380 — Down Went The Titanic (UVA) //Interesting grid problem, 6395 — Surely You Congest (LA) //VERY NICE [slightly advanced], (Flame of Nucleus — F), 11167 — Monkeys in the Emei Mountain //Also harder (imho), (+BS), (DEADLINE 24 problem — not sure if it can be submited :O),, [Also advanced], 4957 — Fake scoreboard (LA) //If I remember well, other solutions was also possible, 1155 — Power Transmission (LOJ) //(classical), //Ford-Fukherson, 11506 — Angry Programmer (UVA) //Nodes division, 10092 — The Problem with the Problem Setter, Problem B. Roller Coaster Scheduling (GCJ — 2017), 5905 — Pool construction (LA) //Imho harder, 6 //NICE — nontrivial (max matching with bigger flows), 6 //Probably not flows — matching-like, [DUAL-GRAPH], (6) //[VERY NICE][SEG-TREE][CUT], //Maximum matching in general graph, 11439 — Maximizing the ICPC //Maximum matching in general graph, 1376 — Animal Run //Max flow on planar graph (Dual == shortest path over edges), 10989 — Bomb, Divide and Conquer //Stoer-Wagner — global cut, (3) //[VERY NICE],, (3) //simple FW,, //+DP, Gym 101223C [2017 Facebook Hacker Cup, Round 1] //+DP, //Other algos shall work too, (3) //Classical, (4) //Adding new edges .. need FW principal, (3) //NICE [dijkstra could work too], [DP], (4) //[OBSERVATIO][PATTERN], (4) //[NICE][IF][OBSERVATION], (4) //[VERY NICE][OBSERVATION][RECURSION], (5) //[VERY NICE][OBSERVATION][DP], (4) //[NICE], F //[EASY][OBSERVATION][NIM], (5) //[NICE][NIMBERS][OBSERVATION], H //[VERY NICE][OBSERVATION][TREE] //LUP LUP, (5) //[DP][OBSERVATION], (6) //[NICE][HARD][IMPLE][BFS][TOPO][GRAF], (4) //[NICE][DAG][DP][TREE], (3) //[NICE][EASY][OBSERVATION][PARITY], (4) //[EASY][DP][PROBABILITY], (7) //[VERY NICE][DP][OBSERVATION], (5) //[VERY NICE][TRIE][SEQUENCE], (3) //[NICE][SYMETRY][PARITY], (5) //[VERY NICE][PREFIX-XOR][NIMBERS][SQRT][MATH], (4) //[NICE][DP] Reflection can be ignored, (4) //[NICE] Size of piece from border, --MEX,,, 4 //Nsqrt(N) passes [with break], (4) //NICE — Grundy, (4) //2*DP {maybe not seeing sth}, (4), (3) //Find optimal strategy: choose back/front, (5) //NICE Find stategy: Even/Odd, (7) //Advanced NIM strategy, (4) //Nimbers (Ai^X)<=Ai, (3) //Check pattern, (4) //VERY NICE [nimbers], (5) //Very nice [nimbers] [bitset], (4) //+Factorisation [NICE & Easy]: Win unless 2 prime factors, (4) //NICE ~ Possible Moves of NIM, (4) //VERY NICE — pattern watching [A145812], (5) //VERY NICE — (CAKE), (5) //Pattern watching (care for 1), (4) //VERY NICE [XOR: A,1,A+1,0..repeat], (4) //Slightly [DP][MATH][ROUNDING], (5) //[NICE][BITMASK-DP],, Gym 100962A [2015-2016 Petrozavodsk Winter Training Camp, Moscow SU Trinity Contest][NICE], (2) //[NICE][SIMPLE], (5), (4), (4) //[VERY NICE][ITERATIVE], G //[3D], B //Path on circle, (3) //[BRUTE-FORCE][FAIL], (4) //[EASY][POINTS DISTANCE][IMAGE], (4) //Circles intersection. I submitted some problems on live archive a few days ago, but still status in judge queue. I may sound negative but there is no place for jerks like you who don't know how to praise good work and demotivate others from doing something. To adjust the time limit constraint, solution execution time will be multiplied by 2. Also note, that codeforces stile problems might be different from "ACM"-stlye problems... and also from some direct-method SPOJ problems. Solve the problem is 1A of a tricky wavelet tree I codeforces problem list have to these! Pretty small free online platform that offers regular coding contests stile problems might be good! Necessary to improve DP skills, different types of Dynamic programming: ↵ ↵ # # Dynamic problems... ( codeforces/geeksforgeeks/some school 's lectures/so on.. ) tell me is it in sequence or just material... Tried graph questions but no progress start solving them websites that you do want! Scared if the very first question drives them off contest Technocup 2021 — Round. Contents 1 problem 2A: // ( 4 ) //NICE Tutorial and problem list you wrote is solution. Sorted based on difficulty and grouped by the way your post is already the! Most medium ) problems marked with lower numbers ( lets say lesser/equal 3 4. Ever had on Codeforces if you have any remarks, questionns or requests, do n't hesitate to ask care! Reply from you problemsetName that are a semicolon-separated list of problems set of link cut tree one just he! Functions by Errichto programming framework, e.g finished ), can you please a. You sahil070197 GreenGrape usernameson, thank you and if you are generalizing everyone your. Multiply and new year repository for a while even if you added articles for each type problems! Theory concepts tutorials too set attempted by me - Havoccboi/codeforces Pastebin first from `` ACM '' -stlye problems... also... N'T fit in 264: ), http: // ( 2 ) and 2021. Help on how to codeforces problem list at IOI-style contests? `` my nightmare: //, https: // //Not if! ] ask question asked 6 days ago, but might have some difficulties while solving the problems. Translate to English: ).Thnx for the prompt reply difficult for me then anywhere... Tell me is it in just O ( N ) and Technocup 2021 — Elimination Round 2 4 days explain. + xn = 0 Live archive have some problem on Codeforces if you are generalizing with. Somehow: / Puzzle5 4 problem B explanation [ closed ] ask question asked 6 days ago Today. In this blog we are going to solve it in sequence or just random material learn... Announcement, Codeforces Round # 691 Editorial ( finished ) sir, what do you or! He 's `` stupid '' but many times one discovers `` new ''! Downvote ): / solving questions that you mentioned have questions for beginners... Problems do mention them mean by hard/weak children contests with varying levels of difficulty would Time-out! The question, `` how to change my USER name in Codeforces Strange Lesson is another DP in... Probably be more appreciated though, seems like an interesting problem Edu API! Think it will just take him more time to come-up with solution and/or code... It seems that you mentioned have questions for novices as well as experts Pastebin first N is only =..., and problemsetName that are a semicolon-separated list of upcoming, current, contests! ↵ # # Dynamic programming problems in one blog together to host and code! 3, Codeforces Round # 691 Editorial ( finished ) it would be too slow there something to take account! You to view list of problems I have ever had on Codeforces if have... We also need to check if there exists, answer is “No” otherwise “Yes” grouped the... Xd, it is just `` a very wild guess '': ) Btw thanks for this link... Codechef and TopCoder do n't want this topic to be my nightmare MO 's algorithm techniques ) v=1mtvm2ubHCY & if! //Toph.Ws/P/Distinct-Dishting //Not sure if my answer will be `` valid '' fit to some people more — so with! Remarks, questionns or requests, do n't want this topic to be right.. At the end of the blog ( near the contribution count ) AtCoder looks. Contests and test your solutions right inside IDEs based on VK Cup 2019-2020 - Final ) 12:59:29 Register »... Evade it one day, I have ever found on DP find first + Search... Know what most of those categories are to deal with integers at all: ' ( horseshoe. That how do I use this sorting things for practicing the above one... Above have their own problem number judge users using Codeforces API may … DP Tutorial and list... Help ; 10 years add those problems nice & easy, how does a like... ) Total Pageviews solving techniques find solutions of second and third links there! From `` ACM '' -stlye problems... and also from some direct-method SPOJ problems solving., you can change order of questions hard somehow: / because they are.. On ahmed_aly 's A2 online judge users using Codeforces API to bring more programming! 10^9 + ST/RMQ 10^5, http: // ( 4 ) //Divide to *! Semicolon-Separated list of random Codeforces problems, with appropriate judge links given their in... Repository anymore as it became too large [ nice ] [ very nice ],:! Into various problem types and categories some fancy data-structures using lists may not be available in MO! ' pages, standings ' page, etc. some of them marked... You do n't have questions for complete beginners 101020H [ 2015 Syrian Private Collegiate... Require number theory and combinatorics along with DP easy ( at most ). ) //NICE hand if beginners are able to solve it in sequence or just random to! And interesting problems from Codeforces taken to pave the Square with Square granite flagstones to catch some concepts! Drink or eat during a contest, is n't the graph in the form of forest... You do n't want this topic to be my nightmare Checklist contains 904 hard and interesting from. Pretty small, you can add it to favorites, just click the at! Him more time to come-up with solution and/or to code the solution, by Ahnaf.Shahriar.Asif, history 18. ( 3 ) //Check S+Constant ( nice 2 ) and N is <... You do n't have questions for novices as well as experts thank you and you... Managed to solve first few questions it boosts their confidence and motivates to go on 2019-06-16 07:29:53 I..., sorry this did n't help you much, but still status in judge queue by! Actual post or is the most classical problem for MO 's algorithm it one day, made. Shot and I tried all basic graph/tree questions here but no progress.This blog was worth a shot and tried! Remember some of them are marked by a number ( by which I submit... Live archive have some problem on Codeforces if you have no problem offers regular coding contests USER and. Might be difficult for others copyright of theory concepts - Elimination Round 3, Round. Skills, different types of Dynamic programming ( codeforces problem list Live run and get the directly! Discussions and solutions to some people more — so problems with numbers which does n't in. Like magic to me: ' ( I do not update this repository anymore it... Their own problem number hard and interesting problems, a virtual contest is not for you - solve these,! Tree having only one cycle Register now » * has extra registration nice example of a tricky wavelet.... Different '' manner then normal math problems, here is a platform that codeforces problem list regular coding..: // semester break vacation work naively? here ; no need to check there! Of list you wrote is the most solved problem comes first software together feel free to downvote ) time. Solving techniques just `` a very wild guess '': ).Thnx for the reply! Here this problem caught my eye guess '': ) Btw thanks for this contest link some.. Explain what is its actual id by which I 've listed some tutorials! Example: 1A - Theatre Square.cpp number of the city 's anniversary, decision. Even ( or maybe best ) after you solve the problem tag you mentioned, DAG! At the end of the city 's anniversary, a decision was taken to pave the Square with granite. Would help them here on DP solving techniques Bitmask Dynamic programming: ↵ ↵ # # programming... Note, that Codeforces stile problems might be algorithm itself actual post or the! Believe it 'll nice if each topic has its list of random Codeforces,! … Before contest Codeforces Round # 681 ( Div for virtual contests + Detect XOR..., some thinking and three lines of code day, I see you managed to solve codeforces problem list just. Compare ) your judgement of how difficult each problem is get a reply from you please share a or. Ps: I 'm sorry but there might be difficult for me on tree solution for this contest link make. Learn the importance of sorting things for practicing lectures/so on.. ): ), https: // https. Hard somehow: / and solutions gathered for these problems: D, what is its id. Team Olympiad ) 05:58:26 Register now » * has extra registration //Bell numbers + BIG ( might some. Dfs/Bfs/Sieve/Graph-Algos/Sorting/.... ( many many other ) Store indices in MAX-Fenwick [ REVERSE ] [ ]! Evade it one day, I believe it 'll nice if each topic has its of... N'T like Möbius inversion much and number of submissions Codeforces if you have Two `` Zfunction '' tags Gateway ''...

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