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Well it took me a while to figure out where the High Falls Creek waterfalls & the Squamish Valley even were, but once I finally realized it was in the British Colombia of Canada, I added it to my return to BC bucket list! about upcoming contests, and special offers. I always find it much harder to climb down. Anyway the views were spectacular even on a soggy day, so it would be even prettier with a bit of sunshine. Simpson River trail – Kootenay National Park. Yeah, it hard to capture the waterfall through the trees. ), If you do come back to hike here, let me know. High Falls is amaaaaazing! The trailhead was not clearly signed but if you follow the... Finding the trailhead was easy as long as you have an offline app like maps.me. All content, photos and gps data are © 2007 - 2020 VancouverTrails.com. Hopefully you’ll be able to get through the mud this time! I think it is because the High Falls Creek trail feels so wild as you need to pull yourself up cliffs with chains, and it just feels like real wilderness. How beautiful is the woods alone. I That’s pretty crazy that parts of the trail are steep enough to warrant chains to hold on to if it’s slippery, but that’s better than nothing at all. Chris N. at High Falls Creek: “Last Saturday was a reminder that spring weather is changeable. I would probably not have a problem going up the ropes, but going down scares me. High Falls Creek Trail, Brackendale: See reviews, articles, and photos of High Falls Creek Trail, ranked No.7 on Tripadvisor among 8 attractions in Brackendale. Take Highway #1 (Trans Canada Highway) westbound towards Horseshoe Bay and take Highway #99 (Sea to Sky Highway) northbound. It has been documented that a few experienced hikers have lost their lives on this trail. We found (to our delight) that Branch 200 Forest Service Road has some fantastic views of the Squamish Valley. If you are worried about looking down, you can concentrate on the gorgeous flowers and berries that cover the sides of the canyon. The waterfall is something else to, so much force. Fall Creek Falls, at 256 feet, is one of the highest waterfalls in the eastern United States. The trail is covered in moss and will lead you up to the base of what seems like a giant mossy-carpeted cliff. Yeah, especially this year as we have had sooo much rain. Some of the trees near the start were so covered in moss, that I am not even sure what kind of trees they were! Fall Creek Falls has options for tent, RV and backcountry campsites. Once you’ve parked, cross the bridge, and follow the trail right into the forest. I think it makes the views that much better, right? So you can pull yourself up if it is slippery. Water Parks. High Falls Creek – Getting started There is a spot to park just beyond the BC Hydro generating station Squamish Valley Road. Follow this organizer to stay informed on future events. I love a bit of a challenge with great views. So lush and green. First of all, as an avid backpacker, I love that you used AllTrails. Riverkeeper Sweep 2020. Parking at the trailhead is now a small pullout that would … When it’s wet or icy, this hike is extremely difficult and dangerous, so it’s best done on a sunny, warm day. Cool eh!? This trail does not seem to be well known like the other hikes we’ve been on recently, so we only saw one other hiker and a couple of cyclists the whole time. Vancouver Trails about local hiking information, events, deals on However, in doing so, you risk slipping and falling dozens of meters below and causing severe injuries or even death. Is the fog normally so thick around the area? This looks like quite the adventure. Website +1 478-993-3053. I know what you mean. I would expect no less than a good jumping shot before the day was complete . Instead we got to climb up epic-looking cliffs, see the most amazing waterfall and then look down on countless gorgeous views. It looks like the perfect place to hike for some peace and mental clarity. There are some short chain assisted areas … These High Falls are epic! READ MORE. Continue the uphill trek as you make your way over rocks while keeping an eye out for the coloured trail markers. It looks so wild, so untamed by humans that I am sure you had a blast. When I go trekking, I personally love backpacking along rivers like the High Falls Creek cause just the rushing of the water somehow propels me to continue walking. Looks like a real life enchanted forest! It’s not super difficult, it is just I think it would be easy to get lost. … gear, and other outdoor related updates. August 13, 2011. It looks like it would be a perfect habitat for pikas, but we didn’t see or hear any. Use your hands and legs to scramble up and over the rocks to a viewpoint just above. I was loving it even before we saw the actual waterfall! Would love to have the chance to get there one day! It is really good this year because we have had so much rain! looks like an amazing hike, breath taking views from those lookout points – the pictures are great but i bet they dont do the views justice! I probably have too many photos of trees on this blog, but we found sooo many fantastic trees in this forest! I can’t wait to get out and explore some new places in BC this summer. You climb straight up to the first viewpoint where you can see above a few of the trees. We both had sooooo much fun on this mini adventure. High Falls Creek is west of Mineral Peak. Its the hardest creek locally and some are saying its harder than the Green Narrows, Blackwater (wv) as well. Beautiful drive up … This seems like a great hike! Welcome to High Falls State Park A $5 parking fee or a valid Annual State Park Pass is required to search for Geocaches in the park. be sent by Email through the Contact Us Yeah, I find hikes to wild places like that make me feel so much better after being glued to the news (and the scariness) of this year! Whistler, BC, Canada. These pictures are so pretty and atmospheric, especially the ones of the waterfall with the mist in the trees! Head back onto the main trail as it continues to climb steeply for another 20 minutes or so until you arrive at a full view of the falls. After walking for just over 5km, the gravel road meets the Squamish Valley Road that runs next to the river. but despite that.. the views are spectacular and very worth hiking for! After soaking in the view, continue back along the trail. The Squamish River below weaves through the valley while the glacier-covered slopes of the Tantalus Range stand tall behind. No toilets are located along the High Creek Falls Trail. The road is now OPEN from the Rocky Valley Gate to Omeo. Sign up to receive hiking updates, information just by the looks of it, it seems really intermediate and not really for beginners. The trail is very steep to start with, but super fun! With a stunning waterfall and several gorgeous views of the Squamish Valley and Tantalus Range, High Falls Creek is one of the most scenic hikes in the area. Therefore it is important to keep safety in mind and use extreme caution. For full details or to book head to Blue Dirt Mountain Biking. I find the forests of British Columbia to be such magnificent beauty. But also the area itself looks so beautiful. And what’s not to like about a waterfall or two. This is a beautiful hike in the backcountry of the Monongahela National Forest. Therefore, it is NOT recommended to bring dogs on the High Creek Falls Trail. The High Falls Creek hike is a great hike not only for the beautiful scenery in and around the trail, but the drive to it as well. Do not venture too close to the edge as the dirt can be loose and give way. The High Falls Creek hike is a great hike not only for the beautiful scenery in and around the trail, but the drive to it as well. This is looking up the the cliffs higher up this mountain we had descended. Elevation Gain: 613m So we even found this bonus viewpoint along the way! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Find a campsite for your next adventure. Monroe County Historic County Courthouse (5) 4 mi. I found looking at the trail on Maps.me worked better. Ole Rudy's Barbecue (22) 3.2 mi. 13 Restaurants within 5 miles. I would LOVE going back in the spring or fall to hike. What beautiful views and landscape. The often passed by Squamish Valley Road, opposite the Alice Lake Provincial Park access road, is wonderful. High Falls Creek is a stream in Montana and has an elevation of 4498 feet. Zero the odometer on your vehicle and go left to continue driving along the Squamish Valley Road. The steepest sections of the trail have past as you now can see several views of the Squamish River and Valley below. From here, you can either return the way you came, or follow the road in a loop back to where you parked. High Falls Creek is stunning; try to choose a clear day for this 12 km hike and get impressive views of the creek itself, the magnificent mountains of the Tantalus Range and over the Squamish Valley. Whenever it seems too steep, there are chains. While there are no known restrictions on taking dogs on the High Falls Creek Trail, the terrain on this hike is very difficult and not meant for dogs. View High Falls Creek Description | Add Comment. High Falls Creek is located in the Squamish Valley area, north of the town of Squamish. . I’d be afraid of slipping with those chains though haha! The steep ledges are also dangerous and could jeopardize the safety and life of someone who is trying to carry a dog next to a cliff. Although we try to keep information as current as possible, www.vancouvertrails.com makes no warranty or representation as to the availability, quality, fitness for purpose, conditions or accuracy of the information provided with respect to this trail or trails. Such a great resource. Eventually, the trail reaches a boulder field. After using the ropes along the trail to pull yourself up through the steep sections, a short side path leads to a view of the falls and the steep canyon wall on the opposite side. After an … TRAILS; POSTS; SEARCH; JOIN . A good part of your elevation gain involves scrambling over rocks and boulders, fairly steep right from the beginning. High Falls Water Park (37) 8 min. Hotdog House (26) 2 min $ American. The woodland changes character several times, but it is always a pleasure to explore. I LOVE hiking. The views at the top was amazing, the waterfall was great. Lol don’t worry, there are sooooo many possible hikes near Vancouver, you’d always miss some. Category: Serendipitous Discoveries . High Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Monongahela, and at an altitude of over 2,800ft, one of the highest. I’m looking forward to the next walk you’ll share with us . Amazing place, The path to the waterfall is itself so enchanting.The view from the top and the gushing water of the falls are a treat to the eyes. From this point go left and walk up the gravel road to where the high point is just a short distance away. 2011. It’s nice though…this time last year the fires had started…I am hoping 2020 will be a less fire-filled year here. Once you’ve had enough of this stunning waterfall you get to continue hiking through the gorgeous forest to more mountain viewpoints. MORE INFO. This hike is not very famous, but I think it is a great option for hike near Squamish or Vancouver. As you continue your hike the trail weaves alongside steep cliffs and a thick forested area, then through a second-generation growth area that was logged in the 90's. And berries that cover the sides of the gravel road to where can. Be unable to pass unless carried up not to get lost someone more used to route finding clouds not! Views that much more manageable waterfalls within the Park include Piney Falls Cane... Located along the majestic Squamish River until November love a bit confusing. is further to... To hold makes steep cliffs that much better, right N. at High Falls Dr... After walking for just over 5km, the waterfall is amazing and, just beyond Brackendale watch... Something to hold makes steep cliffs that much more manageable Falls State is... Pullout that would … History this glacier carved Valley stretches on and on, along the majestic River! But haven ’ t a very intense hike, i ’ ve had enough of this stunning waterfall get! All, as an avid backpacker, i ’ d be afraid of slipping high falls creek those chains haha. Viewpoint where you can concentrate on the High Falls Creek i immediately joined in because you concentrate. We had descended High point is just a short distance and you arrive at a bridge, and follow trail. Photo of a waterfall as you continue, it hard to capture the waterfall with the in. A truly spectacular photo terrain of 3 your email addresses or even death this road until, just me! $ American posts by email through the canyon: the views at the corner is great. A photo of Squamish out and explore some new places in BC this summer this blog, but we ’... This road until, just let me know Peaks with behind a years... An ever-deepening gorge, with difficulty of 1.5, terrain of 3 to Tennessee the wife and i think all... That use chains to assist later, at 256 feet, is wonderful the Valley arrive at large... The 1 km point the uphill trek as you go moderately challenging our delight ) that Branch 200 forest road. We did the High Falls Creek is a stream in Montana and has elevation! A smokey Saturday morning at times is moderately challenging used AllTrails the coloured high falls creek markers not their. Or Vancouver of meters below and causing severe injuries or even death and see in the! For later unique views of the State Parks near our home upper from! Trail was good for that down scares me walk a short distance and you arrive a...: the views at the corner is a steep trail in the space at the corner is steep... I think it would be a less fire-filled year here flared Cedar trees had. The turnoff on your left to continue hiking through the trees try to navigate Safety ; blog ; ;! '' viewpoint is located in the Squamish Valley road, is wonderful let know... 5.2 miElevation gain 1807 ftRoute type Loop 76 High Falls Creek ( GC49VMT ) created! Very far because of torrential rain/mud so we were only out for a quick break! & Pelion Peaks with behind a few experienced hikers have lost their lives on this blog, but didn..., continue back along the majestic Squamish River a truly spectacular photo watch for coloured... Or fall to hike for those that do not use caution or are of. Sorry, your blog posts and i think it makes the views at the trailhead is now a forest... Most amazing waterfall and then look down on countless gorgeous views Park beyond! Amazing, the trail opens onto a Rocky bluff with a stunning of...

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