cessna 310 review

The C310R is VFR/IFR capable and is suitable for entry level or … If you want to an inexpensive entry into the world of twin engines, then you may try this plane. Horsepower was boosted in 1966 from 260 to 285. While it doesn't come without some quirks, it's roomy, stable and has cruise speeds that top 200 MPH. The C310 was Cessna’s first twin engine aircraft to be out into production after World War II. In 1963, the canted wingtip tanks were added. The original Skyknight was developed from the 310 with supercharged engines giving increased performance. Titled, Tips for Buying a 310, the article was a general review of 310 models with comments on systems, options and training. The usual singles (Bo's, Mooneys, Commanche) feel cramped, so I'm drawn toward the twins - particularly the 310/320s. However, you should be aware that the numerous changes it underwent in the course of its lifespan means there are many choices for you. In 1960, another version with swept-back vertical … There were 1332 Cessna 310R’s built before production ceased in 1981. The Top-Flite Cessna 310 flies as good as it looks. When a Cessna 310 taxis onto an FBO ramp, virtually everyone watching knows what it is and what company made it. By GUY R. MAHER. The C310R was the final variant of this super craft. The Cessna 310 is an old light aircraft that is now close to 60 years old. The Cessna 310 was truly ahead of its time. The 310 was also the only one of these 1950s models with two prototypes, and we reverted to just one prototype for the 620, but the Air Force required three of them for the more extensive testing of the higher speed T-37. When I accepted the task of writing an article about the Cessna 310, the featured aircraft in this issue, my first thought was to review an article I wrote about 31O’s in the November 1995 issue of this publication. “I knew it was because I watched that TV show.” The first 310 debuted in 1954, powered by 240-horsepower Continental O-470Bs. Cessna 172. In the spring of 1954, Cessna received a Type Certificate for the 310, launching a production run that lasted until 1981 of general aviation’s most desired light twin-engine airplane. This instant recognition was the case in the 1950s and it's still the case today. The Cessna 310 also developed from a pressure-carbureted engine to a high-power turbocharged engine. With its upgraded 310C version in 1959, the twin Continental IO-470-D engines made for a fast and smooth ride in all-weather conditions. Airplanes such as Mike Busch’s magnificently restored T310R will obviously demand a premium price, but that’s perhaps only appropriate for Cessna’s piston-powered Learjet with props. In 1959, the 310C was introduced which featured more powerful 260 horsepower Continental IO-470-D engines. Overall, the 310 set a powerful precedent in the years to come. The Cessna 310 was a major departure for the company–all metal, low wing and tricycle gear. Two strong .46 2-stroke engines are plenty of power, but for those who want that extra insurance, the new OS 55AX will also fit without having to cut up the cowl. Cessna's first post-World War II twin-engine airplane, the venerable 310 is a logical consideration for anyone looking to step into the world of piston twins. I'm a bit smitten with the newer avionics/GPS cockpits and … “But I always wanted a 310,” he said. Specifications & Performance – 1981 Cessna T310R The added speed and size (comfort and solid feel) kinda make the fuel costs more than bearable. Bowman grew up, earned a pilot certificate, and was co-owner of a Cessna 152 before buying a Piper Lance. The Cessna 310 remains one of the top non-cabin class twins you can buy, and usually for less than $150,000. Much as the Learjet became synonymous with the phrase "corporate jet," the 310 often connotes "twin-engine airplane" to the general public. The Cessna Skyknight, which has the numerical designation of 320, was an attempt by Cessna to establish a heavier version of the 310 design.

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