gp100 trigger job

A lighter spring means an easier trigger pull, but too light and you’ll get unreliable ignition. The GP100 is pretty darned good right out of the box, but the above mods made it even better. Ruger uses a 12-pound spring in the GP100, and I replaced it with Wilson’s 10-pounder. They’re also affordable; trouble is, you just don’t get a lot of hand-fitting in an affordable gun! Discussion in 'Handguns, Pistol Shooting' started by mazer, Jun 12, 2013. mazer Registered Member. You’re looking for a GP100 lightweight spring kit. Ruger GP100 Trigger Job I recently purchased a Ruger GP100 4in from a fellow MGO member. ruger gp100 trigger job instructions, ruger sp101 trigger job, ruger sp101 trigger job guide, sp101 trigger job, sp101 trigger job guide, sp101 trigger job instructions, trigger job for ruger sp101. Okay, after several months of using the stock trigger I ordered a Wilson Combat Spring kit for my GP100 that I use for IDPA. Thread Tools: Show Printable Version. Trigger Job on my GP100. SP101 ~ GP100 ~ Super RedHawk / Alaskan and Redhawk Revolvers. Joined: Sep 7, 2012 Messages: 1,044 Location: Rock Hill SC. TECH TIP VIDEO: Ruger Double Action SP101 Revolver Trigger and Hammer Shim Installation. It's usually very rough in there and that translates directly to grittiness in the DA pull as the coils of the trigger … Please see the main Gunsmithing page for details. Discussion Starter • #1 • May 4, 2019. If you want to do a quick improvement, try adding either a red-ramped front sight or the Hi Viz front sight. This type of trigger work can be performed on most revolvers, with slight variations. Ruger Revolvers Ruger revolvers are justly famed for their strength and rugged construction. 7,762 Posts . The Wilson kit comes with mainsprings of eight, 10 and 12 pounds. After feeling how much smoother the da trigger in rays 686 trigger Ive bee thinking about maybe trading in the gp100 for the 686.or selling the gp100 and buying a smith. Step by Step Guide on Disassembly and Polishing. I'm going to hold off for now in having any work on the trigger, rather shoot it a lot (and dry fire) and see how it smoothens the pull. No gunsmith needed; you can do this in one minute. Purchased a new 3" GP 100 a couple months ago. SP101 ~ GP100 ~ Super RedHawk / Alaskan and Redhawk Revolvers. Trigger job by my trusted gunsmith. Beautiful and very accurate, but the trigger could use some work. Clink on Photo Right to Open in New Tab To replace the trigger return spring, after removing the mainspring you have to remove the hammer and the trigger guard assembly. What you’re looking for isn’t a “trigger job” (which implies polishing or even (DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME) tuning the geometry of the trigger components). In my experience, the biggest bang for the buck in a GP100/SP101/Super Redhawk trigger job is to deburr/smooth the INSIDE of the trigger return spring housing. Kevin Wilson's Trigger Job Guide Applies to all Large Frame Ruger Double Action Revolvers. Clink on Photo Right to Open in New Tab. This page is for reference purposes only; these services are no longer available. 3. Email this Page. What's interesting is that the DA pull is (annoyingly) squeaky. It's what I call a "Poor Boy's Trigger Job", hence the title of this article. Click on a term to search for related topics. I like the gun and want to customize it. I was going to do a light trigger job on my new GP100. While both guns are comprable and the gp100 is a good gun, I think the 686ay be a better platform to start with. Now I want to lighten up the double action pull. Very happy with the gun. Kevin Wilson's Trigger Job Guide Applies to all Large Frame Ruger Double Action Revolvers. TECH TIP: Ruger Double Action Trigger Job Guide. First I bought and installed the HiVIS front sight. Again, Ruger’s directions are solid.

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