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RV MEGA's sales yard and retail store, boasts the North Island's best selection of RV accessories as well as selling new and used motorhomes and caravans from Adria, Bailey, Benimar and Talvor. For nearly 50 years, Jayco has built high-quality RVs, camping trailers, travel trailers, fifth wheels, motorhomes and toy haulers. Nice work Cliff. $275.00 Inc GST. Don’t do this unless you have lithium batteries. With 4mm2 still a bit stiff so you'll need to watch you... New Zealand's largest online range of RV parts and products. Satellite and Solar Installation. This amount of solar was a substantial investment, and a substantial loss. Check out his website at, Equipment Added:4x SF100 Solar Panel Kits1x Roof Combiner Box1x SunRunner Victron MPPT 30A Charge Controller Core1x 220Ah Battery Bank with Monitor1x Progressive Dynamics PD9145 Charger/Converter1x Victron Phoenix 12/500-120V VE.Direct Inverter. This increases the risk of overheating and limits the battery performance.Battery Management System IntegrationThe proprietary Tesla BMS is difficult to interface with. What you need:-Voltage meter capable of measuring DC voltage accurate to the tenth of a voltWhat to do: 1. When choosing an RV solar system, it is best to start planning with identifying what kind of RV you have. We regularly use well nuts for thin plywood rubber roofs but that's not the main reason we choose them for this particular project. Some RVers are using one or two solar panels as a supplementary battery-charging power source to provide a few extra hours of TV after generator hours, or to keep batteries charged while the RV … Their primary need for a solar power system is to offset the energy used by their residential refrigerator. RV … Loads could cause the batteries to be drawn down below the capability of your solar system. I strongly rec... Review by Carl. There is a reason AM Solar has been in business so long. For more information about how to properly store your rig during the off-season, please send an email to [email protected] with details on your battery type, method of storage (covered or not) and other power equipment. After about two years of use, most people will want to have them ripped off their roofs and replaced with conventional aluminum framed, glass laminated, solar panels.Flexible panels are great for portable applications, where the panels aren't being used and exposed to the weather all year, but they tend to degrade when exposed to continuous sunlight and temperature fluctuations.Over time, with heat, the plastic encasing the cells becomes soft, allowing the cells to cup. But, at the time of this writing, the engineers at AM Solar can’t recommend them for a number of reasons.Used ProductMost, if not all, of these Tesla batteries are used, and often the use has not been gentle. Good quality cable. / All your negative cables must converge before they get to the shunt. This can increase the price of your project dramatically, especially if you are paying someone else to do the installation. We installed 400W of solar power on their roof, and the majority of their system control components were installed under their bed. This obviously reduces the production of the panels and it also makes your rig look terrible.Even when new, the index of refraction for the plastic lamination is different than that of glass and it doesn't conduct off-angle light as well. By setting the ME-RC menu Battery Type to CC/CV, and setting a Max Amps, Chg Volts, EndChg, DoneTime, DoneAmps, MaxTime, and Recharge for the battery bank, the Magnum will start a bulk charge every time it is connected to shore power. Therefore, we aren’t going to take on the project. Select a battery bank: The RV battery bank is the heart of the system.We recommend Battle Born lithium batteries for your travel trailer solar panel system because of their ease of install, high quality, … Turn OFF the Lithium Master Disconnect switch to prevent current from entering or leaving the lithium battery bank. The total power supplied would, of course, be limited by the rating of the inverter, and if more than 3000VA is needed, we recommend a 24V system with a 5000VA inverter. Self Power Ltd. RV SALES. They have a very low self-discharge rate, and can hold their voltage for up to a year before needing a charge. It will hold the battery at the programmed voltage until the DoneTime duration has been met, or the charging current drops down to the DoneAmps current threshold, then it will stop charging. Buying an RV is a big decision. Lithium batteries have virtually no self-discharge.For all lead-acid batteries, proper storage requires the vehicle’s shore power cord to be plugged into a reliable electrical outlet and your inverter/charger sending power to the batteries. Vitrifrigo C130L Fridge Freezer. 12V 20A DC-DC Battery Charger - Alternator and Solar Inputs. RV solar is the least powerful of the charging sources typically available. We’re starting a new Questions and Answers Video Series here at Precision RV. Equipment Added:4x ZS170 Solar Panel Kits1x Roof Combiner Box1x SunRunner Victron MPPT 50A Charge Controller Core1x Victron BMV-712 Smart Battery Monitor, Tagged: Tiffin Allegro Open Road, Tiffin, Allegro, Open, Road. Start the engine, ensuring any fans, radio, lights etc. What size solar panel to install for a motorhome? Unfortunately, energy is not fed back to the batteries until the rebulk threshold is crossed.Because of this, people experience the seemingly unlikely scenario of having their batteries drained while being plugged into a shore power source that they would prefer charged their batteries. CONTACT. With your motorhome… Review by Bob. Shore Compatibility Issues - When connecting to any shore power source less than 50-amps, a dual inverter system won't be able to supply pass-through power through both inverters and some dual inverter systems won't allow power to pass-through on either inverter. The solar power system we installed will allow him to record and share his adventures without having to worry about his batteries dying at an inopportune moment. Christmas hours 2020-2021. Tagged: storage, maintenance, winter, off-season, preserve. We installed 680W of solar power on their roof, about three-fourths of which will go towards powering their refrigerator. Issues with the Multi battery bank systems: Battery banks should not be isolated and reconnected repeatedly with the exception of engine batteries using Bi-directional isolators in some cases. In order to design a system that will not abuse your alternator or batteries, it is important to know what kind of alternator charging system you have. RV Solar Q&A Video #1. Split-phase inverters are very finicky about AC input and typically reject most AC input that is not from a 50-amp shore power connection. Therefore, they don’t need to have a shore connection while in storage. The fix:First of all, it is important to recognize that lithium batteries do not need to be full or topped off to be healthy. For example, a 90A CC/CV charger won’t deliver 90A through its entire CC cycle and will reduce current significantly before changing modes. The gap between 19V and 21.8V represents about 40% of the battery's capacity. AM Solar has been successful because when we take a customer’s money, we make sure they have a functional system and we support that system for the life the vehicle. Take a voltage reading across the main vehicle battery 4. Ideally, we would recommend a 400Ah battery bank with this system to provide enough power to manage their frequent microwave and hair dryer use. Anything beyond a solar charging system on a Tesla battery based project falls into an area that we feel isn't functional and isn't something we can support. Be careful not let anything get near the belt. Warning:  This can be a very dangerous test to perform. If you route the exit of your train station through the station your trains will just drive in circles and your train station will be overwhelmed. Northwood Snow River 234RBS . This could be a serious safety problem.Because of regulations and product liability issues, this isn’t the kind of installation AM Solar will do. Combining lithium and lead-acid batteries in one house battery bank would either be exceedingly complicated or harmful to the batteries. Hamilton, New Zealand Design, supply and installation of solar and electrical systems and components for motorhomes & caravans. See all Brand New Dutchmen-Aerolite 2320BHSLs. Voltmeters have strong little wires and the battery is most easily tested right next to the engine belt system. Energy consumption – Because of an inverter’s no-load current draw, dual inverter systems draw more power to operate. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Even though the idea of road trips is most commonly associated with RV, it also means being ready for an alternative lifestyle. are turned off. Motorhome Solar & Electrical, Hamilton, New Zealand. An excellent charger which does not give off a lot of heat. Caravan parts, RV accessories, solar energy, we are your one stop store for the World's best leisure parts and supplies. She used the Zamp solar system to power her refrigerator, but 100W wasn’t enough to keep up with the refrigerator’s power needs. Springfield, OR 97477, Mounting panels on textured, thin surfaces. / If you bypass your shunt with a negative wire going to your battery bank you won’t get an accurate reading. If you are building or updating your caravan, campervan or horse float and need RV supplies, you have come to the right … When you take the battery out, it is very difficult to reincorporate that cooling system and is typically disabled. They drew up a schematic showing all the components and how they are interconnected. We think they are fine for some applications, but permanently mounting them on an RV isn't one of those applications. Turn your solar ON/OFF switch to OFF. Lithium batteries are treated much differently. A separate starter and house battery bank is fine, but multiple house battery banks are a bad idea. For Flooded and AGM Batteries:  Ensure your inverter/charger is receiving power from a dedicated shore power connection, and is in charging mode. Multiple connected batteries are fine. At Roadtrek Inc, we are dedicated to building quality class B motorhomes that the Roadtrek name was founded on over 40 years ago. The Inverter provided by RV Solar Electric in their NOELS Package system is the 2000 watt inverter from Magnum Energy. Can work with any battery type. Water Heater Replacement. rv sales. As we are using the term, Constant Current just means it’s constantly supplying current but it does taper as the battery bank’s SOC increases. If the 7-pin chassis connection is not removed, high current from the alternator charger may take that path and overload the wire.The problem with modifying the 7-pin connector in this way is that the signal lights on your trailer will no longer function unless the negative high current Anderson connection is plugged in. You're welcome. Because of this, taping out of the question since taped mount feet would just rip the PVC when exposed to torque. If you need assistance with the wiring of your shunt, send us a picture that shows your battery bank, all the wires to going to battery terminals, and the shunt. When your vehicle is left in storage, it is important that the batteries aren’t drained past a certain point. 1K likes. After all, it is not just a vehicle, but a complete motorhome… Tagged: well nuts, textured, thin, mounting. We offer … Before adding mobile solar power to your motorhome: Important things to know; To have a motorhome gives you the freedom just to get in and set off on a journey. Ensure you have turned the solar input switch to OFF as well. If you store your rig under a cover, you should turn off the breaker, or remove the fuse, between the charge controller and the battery system. They shipped all the components, included all the necessary wire and connectors immediately. 3. By connecting multiple battery banks with unique capacities, wire lengths, and wire sizes, you can create an imbalance in the system resulting in some batteries being under charged and/or drained at an accelerated rate. See also:  7-pin Lithium Compatibility Kit. What have you got? It took my son and I several months to figure out how the electrical, propane, water and cabinetry all intertwined in the relatively small space. After several layout design iterations, we came up with what we think is an effective and efficient equipment layout. Eventually, each cell will have a brown circle in the middle, which will need to be cleaned for continued use. This is the first solar power system we have installed in a horse trailer. Due to the different designs of BMS systems you do not want to combine 2 different types of Lithium batteries. Absolutely brilliant product- easy to use and sticks and seals like crazy -... Review by martin. We installed a Blue Sky system for this client several years ago, and they recently came back to have a new solar power system installed in their new coach. There are many companies making products to solve this problem but in many cases, the new operation is far from the original battery management and balancing system. Here are three examples of RV storage and what steps are needed for each: Log all issues found or fixed before you store your solar equipped RV and write them down. This kind of alternator is ideally suited for one of the Victron Cyrix based systems listed below.120A AGM230A AGM120A Lithium230A LithiumTow Vehicle 7-pin adapter for AGMTow Vehicle 7-pin adapter for LithiumCyrix. All Flooded batteries (including AGM) must have a charging source for maintenance. Fixed or flexi solar panels, manual or automatic satellite dish systems, AGM or Lithium batteries. Once it transfers to CV mode the amperage is already at a trickle. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Most RVs don't offer enough space to install two inverters while keeping them close to the batteries. You have a train station. Victron inverter/chargers have an automatic rebulk that happens on a timer every couple of days.Lead-acid batteries have a much more pronounced Peukert Effect, meaning that the voltage of lithium batteries doesn’t dip as much under heavy loads, and lead-acid batteries tend to rest at a lower voltage than lithium batteries. Multiple house battery banks. We stock a huge range of quality accessories and supplies for RV’s, motorhomes, campervans and caravans. I used ... Review by Woo. This client has had solar power installed on many rigs in the past. We tried screwing down the feet, but the screws weren’t getting enough grip. How to determine if you have a “smart alternator system”, High Current Alternator Charging and the 7-Pin Connection. If the Line 1 inverter isn't able to keep up with the demand via its internal charger, then you will deplete your batteries while on shore power. From bathroom, toilet and laundry accessories to TV, audio and satellite supplies, RV Super Centre is your one-stop-shop for all your recreational vehicle … We can help you with all of these. Look around the campground or RV Park and you’ll see solar panels on trailer and motorhome rooftops. This is particularly important in cold climates where a discharged battery is likely to freeze. They stock a comprehensive range of products suitable for fixed wheel caravans, motor homes … 12V 25A DC-DC Battery Charger - Alternator & Solar Inputs, Redarc BCDC1240D. The downside to using them is that they stick up above the roof surface. What is the best solar panel for a motorhome? By putting the Magnum in Silent mode, you can adjust this rebulk to voltage to 13.1V, but lithium batteries have to be deeply discharged to get down to 13.1V. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Because of the Tesla brand image, low price, and high capacity, these are seemingly attractive batteries. There is a reason RV roofs are almost always white, and that is to keep the RV from getting too hot. Power is not always available - unless you have an HES-RV Solar Package! Equipment Added:4x SF180 Solar Panel Kits1x Roof Combiner Box1x SunRunner Victron MPPT 50A Charge Controller Core4x GPL 6CT 6V 300Ah AGM Batteries1x Victron BMV-712 Smart Battery Monitor, 3555 Marcola Rd. Solar Panels, Charge Controllers, Power Inverters, PV Cables and more. You should also turn OFF the master solar ON/OFF switch. AM Solar’s reputation is built upon selling and supporting rock solid systems, and it doesn’t seem like this qualifies. Lithium batteries use Battery Management Systems (BMS) which automatically disconnect charging and loads before the battery takes damage. Equipment Added:3x Zamp Solar 170W Solar Panel Kits1x Roof Combiner Box1x SunRunner Victron MPPT 50A Charge Controller Core2x AGM GPL 6CT 300Ah Batteries1x Victron BMV-712 Smart Battery Monitor1x Victron MultiPlus 12/3000VA Inverter1x Victron Color Control GX Monitor. When you clean the surface of the panels it's almost impossible not to scratch them. Why are my batteries draining?” ~ Confused Carla, “My batteries were at about 50% and I plugged into shore power and they aren’t charging. Caravan & Motorhome World P.O.Box 11009 Hamilton New Zealand +64 7 856 3373 (ask for Dave) +64 7 856 3367 [email protected] The plastic just doesn't hold up with prolonged exposure to UV light and eventually becomes opaque with a yellowish brown tint. A complete range of solar panels, solar charge controllers and installation hardware to create the perfect solar system. They should be fully charged, then stored in a cool, dry place where they can be maintained by charger with a more stable source of power. In some dual inverter setups (Like Victron's Multiplus and Quattro), you have the option of passing through single-phase power on one inverter while the other inverter on Line 2 is only capable of inverting. Northwood RV … If they are being put into long-term storage with devices powered on and any loads active and draining power, we recommend a full charging cycle at least every 2 weeks.Flooded and AGM Batteries - Tips For storage outside:  Another option is to use a small solar array (typically 100 watts) with an appropriate charge controller, leaving the solar active to maintain battery charge. For Flooded and AGM Batteries: Leave solar and house battery charge circuit ON and walk away. We recently removed 2000W of flexible panels (after the very telling 2 year warranty period had expired) from this motorhome. Lithium batteries should be drained anywhere from 80% to 50% State of Charge (SOC) before being placed in storage. Typically, a medium-sized RV with an LPG fridge uses around 40a/hrs* of battery power per day. Shop Today and Save! With this accomplished, they are able to use their microwave and hair dryer, they will just want to monitor their power usage to ensure they are not draining their batteries more quickly than they would like. In addition to installing a MS2012 Magnum inverter to invert solar generated power from DC to AC, he asked us to separately install his Iota 45A converter. The roof had a thin PVC membrane that felt solid, but when we removed the old panels, we found that the PVC membrane tore easily. C)   Park it at a Fully Staffed Storage Facility where your rig will be monitored. This client came to us equipped with a Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable Power Station, a Zamp 100W solar panel, and a 30A Zamp charge controller. TV. Self Power Website. When you mount flexible panels directly to your roof, you essentially make your roof black, which makes your roof, and your RV, very hot. For programming instructions specific to your battery type, contact AM Solar.A common misconception is that CC (Constant Current) mode is delivering the same amount of current until switching to CV mode. Welcome to the Paeroa RV website.Designed to give you quick access to our great range of RV parts, accessories and services. With Magnum inverter/chargers, this happens when the battery voltage dips below a default value of 12.8V. The obvious planning, compact layout, and artistry of this installation are impressive. / No positive leads from the battery should connect to the main posts of your shunt or you will have a short circuit that might result in a fire and a ruined battery. View More Details >> RVJ 372 - 10 Amp Solar … This is most noticeable when leaving the inverter on idle and running no loads or small loads. 4cm X 66cm wide, Towing Mirrors - Milenco Grand Aero (Pair), Porta-Pak Express Lavender Toilet Chemical (15 Doses), Shurflo Revolution Pump - 11 L/min, 30 PSI, Fiamma Bike Rack - Carry Bike Pro C (2-4 Bikes), Fiamma Bike Rack - Carry Bike Pro C E-BIKE, Fiamma Bike Rack - Carry Bike UL (2-3 Bikes), Jump Solar Battery Pack - 12V With Solar Panel, Steca 10A 12V/24V Solar Regulator with Display, Steca 15A 12V/24V Solar Regulator with Display, Steca 20A 12V/24V Solar Regulator with Display, Steca 30A 12V/24V Solar Regulator with Display, Morningstar EcoBoost 20A MPPT Solar Regulator, Morningstar EcoBoost 20A MPPT Solar Regulator With Display, Morningstar EcoBoost 30A MPPT Solar Regulator With Display, Morningstar EcoBoost 40A MPPT Solar Regulator With Display, Morningstar Tristar 30A MPPT Solar Regulator, Morningstar Tristar 45A MPPT Solar Regulator, Morningstar Tristar 60A MPPT Solar Regulator, Redarc BCDC1225D. They are the only cells that can tolerate being bent slightly. The Outdoor Travel Service Centre can assist in maintaining or repairing your RV, motorhome… Equipment Added:4x SP100 Solar Panel Kits1x Roof Combiner Box1x SunRunner Victron MPPT 50A Charge Controller Core1x Victron BMV-712 Smart Battery Monitor1x Phoenix 30A Charger, Tagged: Airstream International Serenity, Airstream, International, Serenity. Now she has a solar power system that meets her energy usage needs without the worry of charging the Yeti 400, or her food getting warm. Power is also drawn from the battery bank by DC loads. Before, … With regular RV service and part replacements you can rest easy knowing your RV is always ready for adventure.

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