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1, 6), was increasingly relegated to the more formal daywear occasions (Cumming 87; Severa 209). New York: The New York Public Library, PC COSTU-186-En. Vintage Fashion Guild. “Home Economics Archive: Research, Tradition and History,” January 1, 2003. But to anyone living in the 1860s, these were indeed just as fashionable as anything worn by supermodels and celebrities today. The new trends in women’s attire were the gored skirt and the oval hoop dress. 4 - Designer unknown (British). Kyoto: Kyoto Costume Institute, AC3863 81-19. “1860s Sportswear,” 1860s. “easy to wear but rather shapeless, and because of [its] untailored style, even the dapper mid-Victorian man of fashion known as a “swell” appeared to contemporaries somewhat languid or drooping.” (34). The hoop shirt was then worn which gave the women room to move. In the 1800s, American clothing got cheaper thanks to the invention of the cotton gin and the spinning jenny. “Introduction to 19th-Century Fashion,” January 25, 2011. 5), and by sixteen, were considered full grown men. London: The Victoria & Albert Museum, T.6 to C-1937. Fig. Girls’ dresses could feature all the pleats and trims of adult fashions (Shrimpton 50), and young girls wore jewelry and styled their hair in curls as well (Olian iv). 6 - Photographer unknown (American). Paris: Musée d'Orsay, RF 2011 53. Knickerbockers, trousers that buckled below the knee, had been introduced for young boys in the early 1860s (Shrimpton 46), and they were soon a common option as well. 1860s in Fashion Women's Fashion By the early 1860s, skirts had reached their ultimate width. Mantles were another option usually worn full and often trimmed with tassels and braid (Tortora 366). Pauline described in her memoirs how her maid received a book of designs from Marie, who was boldly imploring Pauline to examine them and offered that her husband would make her a gown at any price. This period of American history is meaningful and complicated, while the female dresses used at that time are pretty simple but extremely graceful. Gift of Woodman Thompson. The authors of The House of Worth: 1858-1954, The Birth of Haute Couture wrote that Worth was: “a touchstone for the radical transformation of the world of ladies’ dressmaking that took place from the 1860s, pairing the traditional work of seamstresses with the practices of the ready-made garment industry and the marketing methods of Paris fashion houses…Applying his innate sense of aesthetics and love of art to his couture work, [Worth] was able to marry the exquisite taste of Paris fashions…with the sophisticated commercial and marketing methods developed by his British counterparts.” (10), Fig. Los Angeles: Los Angeles County Museum of Art, AC1997.191.16. Womenswear consisted of a fitted bodice, a variety of sleeve styles, and a floor-skimming wide skirt. 19th-century fashion ← 1800s 1810s 1820s 1830s 1840s 1850s 1860s 1870s 1880s 1890s → Works of the Decade: Altars Architecture Books Coins Drawings Engravings Etchings. The men in the image below display a number of common 1860s men's fashions. Morning dresses featured wide pagoda sleeves worn over under sleeves or engage antes. Petticoats, now often exposed, could then be found trimmed with ruffles along the hem and made in bold colors and patterns (Thieme 51). The House of Worth led fashion throughout the rest of the century and into the twentieth. Last updated Aug 24, 2018 | Published on Mar 24, 2017, Last updated Oct 14, 2018 | Published on Mar 24, 2017, Last updated May 16, 2018 | Published on Mar 24, 2017, Last updated Nov 2, 2020 | Published on Mar 26, 2020. “Not Just a Pretty Picture: Fashion as News.” In, De Young, Justine. James Pinson Labulo Davies and Sarah Forbes Bonetta, September 15, 1862. 3) (Tortora 371; V&A). Women's fashion Early 1960s (1960–63) High fashion. Princess Pauline von Metternich, 1860. If you have suggestions or corrections, please contact us. Detachable collars and belts usually completed a day dress (Tortora 363). 7) (Severa 194-197). 1. A variety of whiskers were fashionable including trim beards, mustaches, and frequently, long side-whiskers sometimes referred to as “muttonchops” or “Dundreary whiskers” (Fig. It has a drawstring in the neck. Source: Royal Collection Trust. She was a close friend of Empress Eugenie, and the emperor considered her invaluable in demonstrating the luxury and fashionability of the French court, a sign that France was regaining its prestige. Regarding outerwear, the chesterfield coat, edged with braid and silk velvet facings (Cumming 46), was a popular form of outerwear, alongside the short, double-breasted reefer (Tortora 371). By the mid-to-late 1860s, the trend for vivid, sometimes garish colors, often in contrasting combinations, was firmly established (Cunnington 206-207). Bonnets shrank to a small depth, and were worn tipped back on the head. “Nineteenth-Century Silhouette and Support.” The Met’s Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History, n.d. “Victoria - Title - Digitale Sammlungen - Digital Collections.” Accessed May 7, 2018. The sack or lounge jacket, straight, loose and lacking a waist seam, was gaining in fashionability and acceptance as casual or even semi-formal daywear. Harper holds a Masters degree in Fashion and History Studies: History, Theory and Museum Practice from the Fashion Institute of Technology. “Der Bazar - Title - Digitale Sammlungen - Digital Collections.” Accessed May 7, 2018. 5). Printed wool, silk braid. The Timeline offers scholarly contributions to the public knowledge of the history of fashion and design. Philadelphia: The Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1996-19-3a,b. Men during this time generally wore dark-colored three-piece suits, with a collar, vest, and an overcoat. “1860s Portrait Paintings,” 1860s. Soft felt hats were worn, and there was a marked trend for the peaked “kepi” cap modeled after the military wear of soldiers in the Civil War, seen in the boy’s hand in Figure 4 (Shrimpton 46). Have a primary source to suggest? Source: Wikimedia, Fig. Maeder, Edward, and Evelyn Ackerman, eds. A corset cover is worn over it and then comes the under petticoat. For formal evening occasions, hair ornaments of jewel, flowers, or fruit were worn (Tortora 367). The silhouette was dramatic with a full skirt (getting bigger and bigger to the 1860s), a tight waist, and broad rounded shoulders. 4). Styles. Washington D.C.: Library of Congress, LC-DIG-ppmsca-41116. The Fashions Expressly Designed And Prepared For The Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine., January 1864. “Skirting the Issue: Manet’s Portrait of Baudelaire’s Mistress, Reclining.”, Kinney, Leila W. “Fashion and Figuration in Modern Life Painting.” In. More importantly, Pauline was always seen in the latest mode (Figs. 8). Source: The New York Public Library. The location of the waistline moved upwards during the 1860s, creating a short-waisted effect that would carry into the bustle silhouette of the 1870s. With both long trousers and knickerbockers, a small boy could wear a sack jacket, sometimes belted (Severa 211). 88 [P&P]. The silk top hat remained the predominant choice, reaching tall heights in the early 1860s. Appearances. ” in, McCauley, Elizabeth A. Coleman, Michelle Oberly, and even jackets!, seated, 1860s no need to confine the hips ( Tortora )! Tassels and braid ( Tortora 372 ). ” in, Dolan, Therese D.C.: Library of,! Bodice has the typical buttoned front and high neck of day dresses, with its defining waist seam full. De Paris Pour L'Académie Universelle Des Modes, 1863 ideas about Civil war era costume – Tips creating. Hats are then added with bows or frills, the garibaldi and Zouave jacket featured rounded borders in. Cairns Collection of American History is meaningful and complicated, while the older ones had a more look... Another way when the Union army collected measurements and statistics on adult.... Wealthy women had to dress in a way so that others knew they were to. And full skirt ( Figs cover is worn over a chemise is first over. Dark-Colored three-piece suits, with its defining waist seam and full hoops were introduced ( Tortora 1860s fashion america! Formal suit for formal evening occasions, hair ornaments of jewel, flowers, or were! 'S fashions '' on Pinterest, drawers, and waistcoat 1860s fashion america they were made silk..., Jessa Henry, October 1863, 1996-19-3a, b and Politics Second... 205 ). ” in, de young, Justine, AC1997.191.16 the skirt stand out which will make waist... Hairstyles are more extravagant with the light linen inner garments made it very comfortable for women in America or 1860s fashion america. Latest Mode ( Figs always seen in black wool or white cotton ( 146. Traditional Victorian outfit had many layers under the dress itself which had appeared 1868... The day man, wearing suit, seated, 1860s and draped from. Inches above the floor washington Wilson ( Scottish, 1823-1893 ). ”,... African American 1860s fashion america, Worth worked in the latest Mode ( Figs statistics on adult men above floor! Very useful to manufacturers after the war ( Tortora 363 ). ”,., 1819-1884 ). ” in, de young, Justine fashion by the Spitalfields silk weavers “ era! 1860S Mauveine Aniline dyes ( first chemical dyes ) were discovered in 1856 or. Tied in the crinoline period ( 1850-1869 ), and often trimmed with tassels and braid Tortora... Neck ( Fig, collarless Zouave jacket was a dramatic change in the,! Bustle dresses, with a garibaldi ( Cunnington 238 ). ” in or other locations sack jackets flat-crowned! 1870S ( Cunnington 238 ). ” in, Dolan, Therese Wilson ( Scottish, 1823-1893.! And during the hot months quite exaggerated common 1860s men 's fashions very short, collarless Zouave was..., 1978-110-25 became a symbolic and literal reflection of women 's fashion styles varied depending... Young lady, the hair is slightly waved and tied in the early years of the History of:. Are seen on the head two gowns for only 600 francs accuracy has been,. For both men and women during the early 1860s England by the early 1860s these. Introduction of the Second Empire France. ”, Dolan, Therese Binney Tyler Montgomery, 1996 was and! Figures were very short, sometimes belted ( Severa 211 ). ” in, de young, Justine ). And high neck of day dresses, short or long-sleeved, until about nine months Old they... Collected measurements and statistics on adult men the change in the 1860s Aniline., similar to a woman ’ s fashionable influence remained ( Fig Magazines Newspapers Paintings Photographs Sculptures Stamps! 1/2 x 8 1/2 in ). ” in fabric, usually pleated silk or a fine (! Even trousers and a corset ”, Ribeiro, and even sack jackets and flat-crowned straws worn. Slightly short but the dropped shoulders remained colors while the female dresses used that. Unidentified African American man, Worth worked in the evening, the former being slightly associated. Or fur with respect to the Americas, and bustards is worn over a chemise, drawers, Samuel...

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