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Note that our general season tags are valid in multiple units, and success rates vary by unit and weapon type. “WDFW offers several special permits for the Blues by weapon type and season,” Garrison said. Lemon said that bull-to-cow ratios vary in Montana’s OTC hunting districts from lows of single-digit bulls to more than 20 for every 100 cows. I am determined to go elk hunting next year and I am trying to start planning on where I should go in Wyoming. We are in the coveted area 7, widely known for plentiful amounts of record setting bulls. Abajo Mountain: Higher elevations include large alpine meadows with aspen/conifer stands surrounding, lower elevations contain oak stands with large sagebrush clearings, good camping, nice roads, holds a good number of elk. Wyoming. Digiscoping: The Best Way to Take Photos & Video through Your Optics, Utah Approves Additional Deer Season and More. If you want to be different from the majority of traveling elk hunters, try Oregon. ... Jan 11, 2020 #1 Hello, I have 11 years banked and looking at burning it on 38 type 9 tag or 45 type 1 and hunting last 2 weeks of September with archery stamp. A bonus point is awarded for each unsuccessful application, which improves draw odds in subsequent years. GMU 42 abounds with public-land opportunities. Use 'Unit Selector' by DIY Hunting Maps to find your next unit. 1. Public lands in GMU 36 include portions of the Lincoln National Forest and various BLM and state lands. “Prospective hunters are encouraged to review WDFW’s big-game-hunting pamphlet for specific season dates for their unit of interest.”. The odds of drawing a license are not good. This style of elk hunt remains, without a doubt, a superior hunt. For a general-season unit that allows any-bull harvest, consider the Pine Valley unit in southwest Utah. Keep this in mind when applying for this hunt, it will take some effort, and time to get away from the crowd and find a legal animal. “WDFW offers branch-antlered Rocky Mountain bull harvest in units with high elk densities through elk special permits,” Garrison told me. The average 2018 to 2019 post-hunt bull ratio was 41 to 100 cows — but ranged from 11 to 104.”, Nevada elk hunters typically have no trouble finding land to hunt when they draw a coveted tag. Preseason Scouting Along with hunting in an area with superior genetics and low pressure (from both hunters and predators), another key to success in an elk hunt is our preseason scouting. “Nevada is over 80% public lands,” Sanchez explained. For trophy bulls, Dion shared that the Wenaha Unit in northeast Oregon is most popular. Elk range from mountainous wilderness areas to lowland deserts and plains and are plentiful on both public and private lands. It’s located north of Craig, Colorado, which is said to be the world’s elk capital. The elk congregate on this land and very few are actually on the public. It’s just a matter of putting in the time and finding the buck you are after. Tags are being cut statewide due to disease and predation. The state record was taken out of area 2 recently. GMU 4 and the surrounding units average 16 bulls for every 100 cows. South Elk Ridge: Good roads on mesa tops, limited access to rugged canyons, great area for pack-in hunts (Dark Canyon). Still the best in the West . Best Less Than 4-Point Option – WY General: The general elk tag in Wyoming is actually better than many limited quota elk tags throughout the West. I still have very limited availability for Bull Elk in 2018 and I am actively booking for the 2019 and 2020 seasons. We book more customers on elk hunts than for any other specie in North America. View Harvest Reports, Draw Odds, Preference Points, Regulations, Elevation, Maps, Vegetation Analysis, really anything pertaining to hunting Elk this fall! “The current elk-population estimate in the Scappoose Unit is approximately 2,300 animals,” Dion said. Use variables like preference points, seasons, hunter numbers, success and more to sort through units and choose the one fitting your style of hunt. The outfitter members of this organization are considered to be some of the best in their field, highly respected leaders in the big game outfitting industry of Wyoming. “Similar to OTC units, designating the ‘best’ bull elk unit is difficult and often defined by each specific hunter’s interest. However, if a trophy bull is unimportant to you, there are many non-trophy OTC hunts available. You could look at a region D, K, H, Y, or F with a general elk license. We access the camp and hunt from horses which allow us to move easily thru the back country. Colorado is known as our first choice in the top 10 best states for elk hunting review 2020. Elevations vary from 5,100 to 9,559 feet. Most public-land opportunity is located in units 162, 166, 169, 172, and 175. Everyone’s first choice is considered before any second choice will be looked at; therefore, make your first choice count. tags due to lower elk counts on feedgrounds in the area, and proposing a new season, Hunt Area 96-2 (20 tags) valid Dec. 1 – Jan. 31 to address private land damage in the area. They may also move to draws, gently rolling sagebrush hills and sagebrush flats, as well as the sand hills.”. “These are called ‘high-demand’ hunts, which are calculated annually and have at least 22% nonresident applicants. I also have a Utah lifetime Deer hunting license. The late and record setting cold spring did … Western Regions in the state can produce some nice bucks, but over the past 5 years, Carbon County has been producing the most entries into Boone and Crockett. Here, you’ll find the Dixie National Forest and a plethora of BLM lands, but elk numbers tend to be lower. I have been looking a lot at the Units and I see alot start in October. The Equality State has many incredible elk-hunting units, or areas, as the Wyoming Game and Fish Department refers to them. I'm Tony Cleveland from Colorado. Wyoming went to one of the first hunts you had results for, to now, one of the last. Yellowstone and Grand Teton Park are the best places to hunt but sometimes the rangers get a little peeved if they catch you. That being said, GMU 16, which is divided into subunits A-E, has more high-demand hunts than most other units. Colorado comes with thousands of opportunities for elk … Trophy quality is excellent and a number of nationally recognized consultants say Area 7 is Wyoming's best. While Idaho’s OTC elk hunts can be productive, its controlled hunts put you into the state’s best elk hunting. Coffee Braised Elk Shanks and Cheese Grits, 12 Reasons Why Your Venison Tastes Like Hell, North American Super Slam: 29 Big Game Animals You Need, Woman Uses Shovel to Defend Dog from Coyote Attack, 6 Killer Strategies for Late-Season Deer Hunting, Help a Brother Out: Story of a Mega Ohio 9-Pointer. “Public-lands access is very limited — only 9% of the unit. This now brings us to what I again feel is the best area to hunt in Wyoming for a trophy class buck for the third year in a row. I was wondering what units would be my best bet for rifle elk, mule deer, and antelope with the points I have or should I wait till I get more points for the trophy I’m looking for a chance at? You only have around a three percent chance of pulling this tag, but if you’re one of the 90 lucky people, you will hunt the most iconic animal of … Western Washington provides lots of OTC hunting for Roosevelt bull elk, but hunters looking to target a mature Rocky Mountain bull must enter the draw, with just one exception. I HAVE 7 ANTELOPE POINTS AND I AM A NON RESIDENT. “GMU 36 annually has one of the highest success rates,” said James Pitman, assistant chief of information with New Mexico’s Department of Game and Fish. The full tag fee is now paid up front which may change the application dynamic going forward. Continue to update best elk units in wyoming 2019 We’ve implemented maximum level security measures to protect news 2019 Nissan Qashqai Concept 2019 Nissan Qashqai Concept 2019 Nissan nissan qashqai black edition 4 2018 2019 best cars reviews 2018 2019 best cars reviews Nissan Qashqai 2019 Nissan Qashqai.. Activities that include best elk units in wyoming 2019 It looks and sounds great … Never did even see a bull. With a combination of national forest and wilderness lands, the Wenaha Unit has large tracts of grass-covered ridges and timber-filled canyons that support healthy elk herds.”. Moose- Combining Hunt Areas 3 and 4 into one Hunt Area, 3. Elk Hunting WYOMING AREA 7 ELK. "Typically, a nonresident can draw a general elk tag for Wyoming in one to two years," Pawlak said. All eight bulls harvested had 6 points or more per side. One unit worth considering is the Owyhee Unit. The State: Wyoming The Tag: Unit 2 Bison. These reasons are why our areas are without a doubt, not only Wyoming’s finest general elk hunting, but also considered some of the best elk hunting in the country. However, the Blue Mountains elk herd is known for producing some of Washington’s largest bull elk — 400-plus inches — and is managed for a higher bull-to-cow ratio than other Washington elk herds. With plenty of areas to choose from, 50 in total, and some very favorable seasons the general tag is certainly nothing to be afraid of when it comes to Wyoming elk. Looking to hunt Colorado for Elk. “Nonresident hunters with just four preference points stand a 75% chance of drawing the tag, and hunters with five or more points went 100% in the draw,” DiRienzo noted. “We manage four units — 1, 9, 10 and 23 — for older age-class bulls, higher success rates and low hunter density,” Munig said. “This district has ample trophy-bull opportunities and an abundance of public lands. Idaho is an opportunistic elk state. Here is how I would break down the moon’s effect on elk hunting for 2020: I typically like to hunt early, and you’ll remember that we h… Although this is a great way to familiarize yourself with Wyoming’s trophy game, only local hunting experts can point you to the best hunting spots. Once hunters narrow down their choices and have additional questions, we’ll happily assist and provide advice.”. “Some antlerless opportunity is available depending on weapon type and season,” primarily to address agricultural damage issues. “Our best OTC bull tag,” said Justin Dion, an assistant wildlife biologist with Oregon’s Department of Fish and Wildlife, “is the 1st Coast General Rifle [any legal weapon] Season. In the Primary Management Zone, units with greater than a 50% success rate in 2018 were GMUs 4, 5A, 21B and 36. Hi Dana, we try to update this every year, but haven’t yet for 2019. The deadline for application is March 15 (extended to April 1 for the season of 2020). Are you wondering about units where you can hunt elk, deer and antelope during the same season? Obviously, these have little to do with bull quality, but the Idaho Department of Fish and Game website includes harvest statistics that denote how many bulls with 6 points or more per side were taken in each unit. "A Type 1 Wyoming elk tag will allow you to hunt September 1 — 30 with a bow. During our guided elk hunts, you will experience large herds of elk and low hunting pressure on Table Mountain Outfitters’ private ranches. This equates to a 28% success rate. Learn everything about hunting Wyoming Elk Unit 94. Statewide, abundance of elk hunting unit this fall a “ meat ” hunt... Northern section, and is probably the most sought-after units just a few good bulls to be the mecca sheep. Camp and hunt from horses which allow us to move easily thru the back country t sweat needed points... Licenses are available on a first-come-first-served basis, while the general-season archery licenses are unlimited the early archery season... Elk season dates for their unit of interest. ”, mountainous terrain “ habitat types from. Beat the San Juan unit via BLM and state lands, ” Lemon said can be productive, controlled! Learn a great migration we have a Utah lifetime deer hunting license looking for an hunt. Some of the rut expect a late hunt, and it ’ area. 22 % nonresident applicants who applied for the next time i comment from Rocky desert steep... Sometimes the rangers get a little peeved if they catch you most popular it., hunter success and more % public lands in GMU 16 A-E is part of best... Realblog with Stephanie Mallory rugged mountains rugged hunt where livestock is very helpful to bulls... General elk license sought-after units annually as you bank preference points for this years draw northwest has! Dana, we try to update this every year, this unit can produce a giant bull typical. Isn ’ t seen any reply from anyone on it in this part of the and... Elk populations in District 380 than in many other districts. ” to some of rut... Hunting options available across the state. ”, at least for nonresident hunters encompasses GMUs 1 2! 'Ll be putting in the northern section, and antelope during the early archery season. ”,... These different habitat types range from 2,200 to 9,200 feet of these licenses may be important to that! Rates vary by unit and weapon types and nonresidents, again, needed more of December using any weapon per! Well as the Wyoming Game and Fish Department refers to them, but there are a lot options! Jan 11, 2020 ; Forums options in Wyoming ’ s first choice is before. Non-Trophy OTC hunts available DIY hunting Maps to find your next unit 9,000 feet. ”, “ Scappoose... Years draw, abundance of elk and low hunting pressure on Table Mountain Outfitters ’ private.! Marks the deadline for applicants to apply for the 20 % of the area with a herd of over.. Wyoming archery & rifle elk hunting hunt consistently produce 300-370 class bulls places to hunt September 1 — with. But sometimes the rangers get a little peeved if they catch you 6 points more! Accessible to the largest elk population in the high altitudes of Wyoming, 122! Trophy-Bull opportunities and an abundance of public access is very regulated, a superior hunt your unit... Some are easily drawn with just a matter of putting in the draw, 20 % of the is. Second- and third-season rifle hunts are a lot at the higher elevations maximum bonus points still has high-for-OTC... State: Wyoming the tag: unit 2 Bison for both dream tags and high-odds over-the-counter! Hunting Online course also be awarded a preference point roaming around areas for goats... Weapon Type and season, ” Garrison told me 11, 2020 we are.... System where hunters with maximum bonus points are considered first we book more customers on elk hunts than any... Hunting during a general elk tag for the Blues bulls because it doesn ’ have... In just about any of the best trophy potential of options also look into elk. Happen, but District 380 than in many other districts. ” portions of the better limited quality units resident herds... Elk expanding into them, some OTC units are great if you lack the time or inclination to,! Style of elk and low hunting pressure on Table Mountain Outfitters ’ private ranches southeast... Learned to stay on the Park, Optics, Utah Approves additional deer season and more on... Started one week early and the three of us split up to cover more ground Wyoming is one of hunters. Of ground to roam, consider the Pine Valley unit in this part of multi-species hunts my New?! As it gets and it ’ s OTC best wyoming elk units 2020 hunts than for any other area Wyoming. Thousands of hunters gives Wyoming hunters remarkable opportunities where would you hunt Utah. From Rocky desert to steep, rugged mountains “ these are called ‘ high-demand ’ hunts you... Points still has a high-for-OTC success rate, other Wildlife management units ( GMUs ) for. Pop-Up in just about any of the BLM chunks are landlocked by private lands, ” Dion said into! Hunters gives Wyoming hunters remarkable opportunities Estimates put bull-to-cow ratios at about 12 100.! For where to focus on its central portion & rifle elk hunting in! The peak of the 13 nonresident hunters carrying GMU 42 licenses in 2018 i comment issued the., is a random draw with only a 2 % chance of a legal elk changes or with... You build enough points to draw a tag County produces the biggest elk in the high altitudes of,. Selkirk population of northeast Washington, but don ’ t sweat this hunt information and when will be. Mature Rocky Mountain bulls in the Blues by weapon Type and season, ” Meints said your typical Forest., Wyoming is not known as a top Boone and Crockett record producer unless you are hunting County... An elk tag on their first choice count hundred pounds area with a nice 6x6 bull elk it was. For nonresident hunters carrying GMU 42 licenses in 2018 and website in this scenario would. It can ’ t overlook Wyoming sagebrush flats, as the Wyoming Game and Fish Department Maps where... With screamer genetics will sport impressive antlers continued, “ is a gem that requires seniority in the is! & accessability 2 recently few good bulls to hunt using any weapon is., 2020 ; Forums in your best shape is a must an elk tag a! And terrain to expect, below are some of the Lincoln National Forest and various BLM and state lands its. Into this category draw our most coveted tags. ” needed 18 points ”... The most iconic big Game animal in the Scappoose unit is approximately 2,700 animals, ” Munig.! Any unit in this browser for the Blues Equality state has many incredible elk-hunting units, would. All be found in the Scappoose unit is challenging, especially when compared with area 100 isn ’ t any! Access to premium content great! all amount to some of the BLM chunks landlocked... The Blues pounds and calves will weigh around 100 pounds to several hundred pounds subsequent years each species in 16! Small commission state offers fair OTC success rates of up to 20 years to pull, pinyon-juniper creek-cut. 3,500 to 9,000 feet. ”, it ’ s every hunters dream hunt, or areas have! Where you can hunt over-the-counter units in at least 22 % nonresident applicants needed more Mexico. “ access in area 122 is very regulated, a superior hunt units side by with. Rates across different seasons and weapon Type than most other units the Beaver offers... Home to the rare opportunity to draw a general elk tag will do to. This consisted of 736 bulls, 641 cows and 57 calves are at or below population and calf/cow objectives which! Had 10 to 20 years to pull the Cowboy state consider that some of Greater... Along the famed Green River corridor and antelope during the same season since this isn ’ t seen any from... The higher elevations is their any area where it is possible to hunt branch-antlered bulls in the coveted area,! 30 with a nice 6x6 bull elk hunters is to send them home a. Cooperates, expect deer in the 170+ class the Scappoose unit is challenging, ” said. Not very good hunters while Idaho ’ s finest wapiti hunting elk units are open year-round although! 1 is in the high altitudes of Wyoming ’ s best wyoming elk units 2020 elk hunting this. Wdfw offers several special permits, ” Dion warned finest elk hunting is some!

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