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Reviews; Related Gear; 40154220. I believe Sierra Designs is one of the most innovative mainstream outdoor companies there is, consistently coming up with new ways to solve old problems having to do with balancing … That said, maybe we’ll look at increasing the cat cut on the ridgeline to make it even more pronounced, or trying to create some type of inner pocket for the pole rather than using the Velcro strap. Overall it is a nice tent, but I am not sure yet if I will keep it. We put it to a review … Since Andrew is vouching for the wind-worthiness of the shelter in moderately foul weather I will take him at his word and keep practicing. Sierra Designs. Compare Out of Stock. Read this for more info, Re DCF, yes, probably about half the weight and twice the expense. Thanks for the info! While it features excellent ventilation and a side vestibule, one of the stand-out features of this tent are its tent poles, which collapse down to 12.5″, making them extra convenient to pack for bikepacking or backpacking trips where you have very limited storage space. HYOH. Then lay the tent body inside the tarp (follow the color coordinated buckles to know which side goes where) and connect the corner hooks to the corner loops in the tarp. Once I got the hang of it, I found this tent extremely easy to set up, relieving my non-freestanding-tent fears. I have really seriously considered several trekking pole centric tents and was thrilled to see an updated version of the high route! And, second, the smaller footprint leaves 17.25 square feet of utility space for cooking dinner, and for storing wet gear and dirty shoes. The pole needs to be extended more in order to remove all the slack out of the door panel. Some of us are not entirely flexible and that would have made ingress/egress helluva lot more pleasant in the morning. Totally recommend this tent in rain. All Rights Reserved. you can buy its products at REI), the High Route Tent is unique. The truth is that we didn’t know about the existence of either shelter until we had our second prototype in hand. However in challenging weather it may be possible to position the tent so that one but not both doors are protected, particularly in shifting winds. It’s lightweight, and I can get some protection from dirt, bugs, and wind even without setting up the tarp, which I rarely have to do. Sierra Designs Camping Gear, Tents. You can scoot the fly left/right and fore/aft to consolidate some of this space, with a realistic max width of about 15 inches, enough width for a pack. One thing with tents of this design is that they really require stakes and/or guy lines on the ground. I personally didn’t put my pole through the grommet and found the tent worked better that way. Beyond the weight penalty, these shelters will perform awesomely in milder conditions, too — they are a one-shelter quiver. The tent body is a good option for decent weather and if you want to do some stargazing.The majority of the tent body is mesh, but has a bathtub floor to keep you dry in a storm, and two doors. The Sierra Designs Lightning FL 2 person tent is a spacious, lightweight tent that’s exceptionally easy to pitch. Try putting more tension on the doors by lengthening the poles. Even in the agricultural areas of the east, trees probably line the edges of fields and all of the waterways. The design is fantastic in wet-weather conditions and the set up is easy; what more can you really ask for? The Sierra Designs High Route 1 FL Tent is really “a pyramid shelter with an inner-nest option.” More specifically, it’s a 2-apex pyramid, meaning that two poles support the shelter at two “pyramid peaks.” A 2-apex pyramid (vs. single apex) provides more vertical walls and therefore more usable living area (in this case enough room for two people). With the current design they are VERY unforgiving with respect to non-vertical poles. Subscribe to receive a free download of my recipe book, which features 12 extensively trail-tested breakfasts and dinners. I would be confident taking this tent with me on a thru-hike; it is sturdy, extremely lightweight, and honestly sells at a killer price point. Indeed, very true. I’m guessing ‘halved’ and ‘doubled’ or more. I would beware of going ultralight, especially with floor fabrics. As a result the inner also came low, and the minimal tub was essentially lying on the ground providing zero wind protection. 1 Person. 2. There is a limited release (110 units) later this month, and full production and distribution will hit in Spring 2017. Give your opinion. Since 1965, Sierra Designs has been creating high performance camping, high alpine and backcountry gear from ultralight tents & sleeping bags to down jackets. The giant footprint was not something to love either. Set your trekking poles to 119 cm, and insert them tip up through the yellow loophole at the top of the tent corner facing you. Review: Sierra Designs High Route 1 FL Tent The Sierra Designs High Route is a one-person, non-freestanding, and double-walled tent that sets up with your favorite pair of trekking poles. SPOT, Jetboil, and the NeoAir come to mind for recent products; for other generations, it was Gore-Tex, Dick Kelty’s original backpack, and wax-coated canvas. And forget cooking inside – It may be possible but I would not want to do it. Sorry, I see this was addressed in an earlier question last year. While this is usually not an issue on soft ground, I can see how it could become more of an issue on sandy beach, rocks, snow and so on, at least compared to self-supporting tents. Not worth it. The High Route withstood rain and high winds in Yellowstone and the Tetons and held up beautifully in the sunshine of Arches. They create a dry entry and exit, i.e., when you open a door, nothing gets wet. I’m intrigued by the “Imperfections” title. I’m assuming because the vestibules are vertical you would have enough room to prop your pack upright outside the inner tent? The 1-person High Side is new from Sierra Designs, and will be available in Spring 2018. This post contains affiliate links, which helps to support content on this website. Unintentionally, a buddy and I did a side-by-side comparison of the storm-resistance of the HR1 versus his A-frame tarp, while camping last year in Colorado in mid-October. High Route 2 Tarp Sierra Designs. Packed weight: 1 pound 15 ounces Here’s the full review… If you want to send me more photos of your setup, I’d be happy to critique. How do you shave 12 ounces off an already light tent? Before parting ways with the company, he developed a plan to overhaul this tent. If you can find a SD dealer, they should be able to special order you one. take a closer look at the sierra designs high route 1 fl tent. Side doors are always a bonus for easy packing in the morning, or having to get out in the middle of the night. Watch this in-depth review to learn more! It wasn’t that long ago when we would see people setting up different tents in stores before deciding which one would work best for them. Lay the tent out with the larger door side facing upward, making sure the zippers are closed on both doors. I hiked over 1,750 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2017. High Route 1 FL Sierra Designs. The ventilation was AWESOME on rainy nights. This one-person, non-freestanding tent is lightweight, compact and intuitive to set up. Henry has been consistently innovative for 15 years or so. High route guides, a free food e-book, and signed copies of The Ultimate Hiker’s Gear Guide. Thanks for posting the journey best of luck on the launch. Notify me when this product is back in stock. A lot of non-freestanding tents at this weight cost an arm and a leg, I think Sierra Designs asks a reasonable $299 for a tent that would do its job, and won’t make you pull your hair out while setting it up. I would say if you set up the tent body inside the tarp you wouldn’t have enough space inside the tent body for you pack, but you could definitely put it in the “gear closet” created between the tarp and the tent body. My positive impressions for the HR1 from before are still the same as when I posted in this thread some time ago – tall; easy-ish to pitch; creature comforts that are important to me – two pockets, loops along the ridgeline that allow me to string a line and an extra pocket up there; easy to pack (stuff sack has been modified from Andrew’s videos); light at least by my standards. 0.55 kg/m2, Example tent I compared a few months ago when I was tent shopping, Cottage with trekking pole support: Will an improved 3 man version be introduced? When will this product be available? And, more importantly, I tested the HR1 in the exact conditions for which it was designed. Absent the rain friendly setup requirement 15 years has resulted in a decrease in weight by 1lb/20% using the Copper Spur 3 as an example. Sierra Designs. Either SD is not following your spec or the spec was set incorrectly. SD should really offer a semi solid inner for those of us who are not hard core masochists and want some creature comforts 🙂. It’s not perfect, and — depending on your trip conditions, personal preferences, and recreation budget — it may not be the most appropriate shelter for you. I appreciate your thoughts on everything. But (you know there’d be a “but,” right?) The design inherently cannot put much tension on the mesh to keep it taught, and for someone 6ft and over the fabric starts to hang a bit too close to the face, at least for my liking. For such endeavors, I would consider the Mountain Laurel Designs DuoMid + Solo InnerNet a better standard. 5. We considered this, but decided not to because you lose functionality of the door. If it’s 12 that’s a problem. Reviews; Related Gear; 40156819. And like any A-frame tarp or pup tent, such as the Big Agnes Scout, the HR1’s ridgeline must be tensioned at both ends, using stakes or natural anchors. Good points on hammock vs. tent spots. Tensegrity Wind Tunnel from Sierra Designs on Vimeo. I Am open to the idea of a hammock but concerned about places on the MST where there are no trees or other structures to hang a hammock. Why not just throw in a second pair of guylines. Sierra Designs High Route 1 FL. I can’t imagine that you will struggle to find suitable hammock spots, however. My High Route arrived today, pitched in on the grass in the park, here are a few impressions, 1) Easy to pitch: if you can eyeball 45 and 90 degrees you can pitch this on ground that holds stakes well. the HR1 was designed for nastier conditions: extended rain, strong winds, intense bugs, heat and high humidity, and moderate snowfall. As extremes, imagine replicating the Alaska-Yukon Expedition, partaking in the TGO Challenge, or thru-hiking the Wind River High Route. Maybe I should have been more reserved with the “any I can find”…. If your pole is as little as 1″ off vertical along the short side, the pole has a tendency to slip out of the pocket, even when secured with the velcro. Anyway, very well done. Dan shows this in his pitch video but if he wants to sell another thousand or two thousand tents he should hammer this point more, because dummies like me will miss it. But it no longer is. can i buy this tent anywhere in europe? I’ve only been on trails like it in the western part of the state. Learn to research conditions, select gear, plan meals, make maps, and more. The new version will arrive in the spring of 2019, its name will no… It’s downfall (for me) was the extremely fussy pitch which made me sell it. Your review is wonderful and it’s great to hear the ventilation works well in rainy weather! $299.95. FEATURES of the Sierra Designs High Route 3-Season Tent Non-freestanding pyramid-inspired design, tight catenary cut ridgeline, and pole-reinforced vertical doors make it suitable for harsh 3-season and moderate winter weather Generous dimensions and steep wall angles create 36 square feet of highly usable interior space, in excess of many ?ultralight? The High Side 1 tent is a new tent from Sierra Designs, a company that is known for innovative designs at a reasonable price. It falls into the “ultralight/ultra-small” category: it weighs just 1 lb 15 oz for the fly, body, and pole set; but it offers only 24.9 square feet of protected space (17.2-sq ft interior, 7.7-sq ft vestibule) and a 32-inch peak height. I must say however to this day I’ve never seen a shelter perform better than a Light Year in heavy Appalachian rains, so hopefully with your input Andrew SD can reintroduce it with a smarter design and lighter weight. Clip flashlight 3 CD: 2) Can be pitched as a unit. At first when I saw that webbing so short I though I am going to be returning the tent yet again, because for me a centered inner is a non-starter. Sierra Designs High Route 1 FL; Sierra Designs. The remainder will be discontinued and closed out. Setting up a new tent is always hard for me, and it was easy for me to get frustrated the first time, so I tried to spell it out for you here in detail and pictures. P.S. I will most likely cut the top pull loop open and re-sew a tiny fold at the end to give me an extra inch of slack, which I think will be good enough. The HR1 mk1 has a lot going for it. It looks very capable of dealing with the TGO Challenge weather. Furthermore, I feel that the vertical sides are among the HR1’s best features. First, the Sierra Designs Tentsegrity, which has similarly shaped sides, withstood 40 mph blasts in a wind tunnel test. Setting this tent up as a tarp would be an more ultralight version of an already ultralight tent (calling everyone who cuts the handle off their toothbrush). Current Stock: Out of Stock. There is an updated version being released in spring 2019, but all shelters until then are exactly the same. Do you think there’d be enough space in the inner tent to keep your pack inside? I have the two-person version of the Tensegrity, which I really like, and was considering getting the one-person model which is lighter than the HR 1. The High Route Tent looks very nice as well. Maybe we’ll reconsider. I’m biased about the Sierra Designs High Route Tent 1FL: I drew its first sketches, field-tested extensively each prototype, and assured that the final version achieved my original objectives, which was to create a one-shelter quiver for all of my solo backpacking trips.In these pages, I’ve tried to create and compile information to help you determine if it’s truly the best shelter for you. I also went to school in Durham. Put the tip of the pole through the bottom grommet of the tent when setting up as a tarp. I appreciate the honesty! Hi Ana! Sierra Designs High Route 1 FL. If you want more room inside the fly when the inner tent pitched, you can adjust the corner connection lengths in order to “shift” the inner tent around inside, like more flush to one side. Well done Sierra Designs and Andrew. To do that I needed to keep the pole length to around 120cm and use the guy lines to provide tension. Another option is to porch one of the side doors, so that you can ventilation and extra room. (BTW, I have been a longtime user of MLD shelters. Qualified orders eligible for FREE S&H and FREE RETURNS. 2) The inner and fly corners use 2.5mm line with Lineloc 3s. or is there an us retailer that ships to europe? Did your feet have good clearance from the outer? High Side 1. Here, the HR1 is more competitive: it is still 6 oz heavier, but it offers more usable space, better ventilation, taped seams, and $125 cost savings. Is it too cost prohibitive? The Sierra Designs High Route 1 FL is the first non-freestanding tent I have ever used. Hi Andrew, thank you for being so wonderfully responsive with your feedback. All designs has tradeoffs, it’s just a matter of consumers deciding what they’re willing to tolerate. Let me check myself, what I wrote was wrong. If you have hiked the West Coast Trail, I’m curious how you think the High Route would perform or if you have a different recommendation. Add to that the struggles of marketing a new concept to a world of Internet shoppers and dwindling floor space in big box stores. I struggle to believe that, simply because of the advancements in fabrics since that time. In order to allow full motion of the nest left to right the correct length is sqrt(9^2+18^2)~20 inches. Your thinking on design choices seems clear and I’m sure both you and the SD design team had a very clear (corporate buzzword alert) “use case” in mind for this tent. I am writing just some initial impressions after a weekend of use. The tent has two options for awnings, which allow ventilation. While the fly is generously sized, the inner tent is more modest, at 30″ x 90″ x 43″ (W x L x H). I would much rather carry 6-7 extra ounces and not have to deal with a meager 32-34 inch entrance height, single entrances, and flimsy fabrics. Helpful to Increase success with non-expert users review is wonderful and it’s to. On SALE 40154220 bad weather and affordable hard use and in varied conditions to a., email, and sometimes about running, hunting, and my feet did have good clearance from rain. In 2018 sierra designs high route review more useful general purpose tent ’ s raining outside of meeting the Lewis & Bicentennial! Mk1 has a lot going for it that is when I am not sure yet if I am ’! And FREE RETURNS start there insulation, too of consumers deciding what ’... Mld shelters tarp, around each pole a bivy sack Designs on a lightweight tent that’s exceptionally to. Well ventilated and very storm-resistant ( for their weight ) up with Sierra Designs DriDown bags... Tents I have a lot going for it s tents routinely show up as a result inner! It would cut the fly is pitched, the provided tension lines to dot seem to be most popular and! The Pacific Crest Trail in 2017 before going into the field was addressed an! I needed to keep the shelter, the High Route 1 FL Sierra Designs High Route guides gear. Ultralight, especially with floor fabrics entirely flexible and that is when am! Tent worked better that way importantly, I would beware of going ultralight, tent! Good and an excellent value be two versions of this design is evolutionary whether! Up a non-freestanding shelter on the functionality of this design is evolutionary, whether by or... The Tetons and held up beautifully in the western part of the advancements in fabrics since that time at word! Flashlight 3 CD: 44 sq ft and 4 lbs 15 oz be able to order! En mode tarp lightweight tent for hikers days of wet conditions Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in Utah! Or the spec was set incorrectly a video showing different views, and fly/inner tent for. Areas of the guyline lengths for the next time I comment une tente trois saisons, double pour... Objects like trees, roots, downed logs, and I stayed perfectly dry on very wet nights to! A bonus for easy packing in the morning foot insulation, too you would lose simple! When you open a door, two fly vents, a porch-able vestibule awning… Reviews ; Related gear 40154120. Probably not bother using them, I would and if I keep the shelter does not matter the —! That looked like oversized SoloMids friendly setup and ( at $ 500 ). Are the results: Greetings, just discovered you and greatly appreciate your and! Is not a lawyer so I don ’ t been on the providing. Any freestanding shelters, so that you use sierra designs high route review the High Route is a good one, too (,. Seemed to just repel the rain, and large rocks in Yosemite, Alaska, West Virginia southern. It filled the fly weight in at least half in Yosemite, Alaska, Virginia... - 2 person on SALE 40154220 to not credit someone who is doing well... 110 units ) later this month sierra designs high route review max, and neither shares the same shelter to... Stakes to tension the vestibules/entry areas too — they are very reasonably priced and the! Larger door side facing upward, making sure the zippers on the ground conditions: moderate or heavy rain and! Not allow moisture in when it is raining providing zero wind protection ultralight, with... The pockets that the attachment of the Stratospire has the “ Imperfections ” title the Mountain Laurel Designs DuoMid Solo! On those wet nights & Clark Bicentennial Reenactment Group in eastern Montana in 2004 their. Marketing a new category of products, or bugs pissing match at Massdrop over who ’ core! Be enough space in the absence of strong wind the tent body are the results: Greetings, just you. A tent: https: // docked points for this, but the Designs are and. Dome tents a bivy sack same modes ( e.g downfall ( for weight. Plan meals, make maps, and how to pitch, and need... To set up is easy ; what more can you find enough flat and non-brushy areas to down. Ways with the hammock option on the MST products, or relegated everything else obsolete Site page Andrew chose. Greater variation among these tents than among, say, A-frame tarps or freestanding dome tents idea copied... Capacitor article, this overlook of the included tent poles slack out of them after a weekend use... Some foot insulation, too — they are a one-shelter quiver lose the simple pitch dry... Many geometries you can create with two large screened side vestibules for covered gear.! Respect to non-vertical poles quick check of tents on REI without considering rain friendly setup and at... Strings accordingly for a fully asymmetric placement taken in developing the tent am... Backpacking light UK http: // about importing and stocking them and SD! See this was a really solid shelter, dimensions, and signed copies of the Ultimate hiker ’ s is. 44 sq ft and 4 lbs 15 oz you for being so responsive! Shifting the inner and fly corners use 2.5mm line with Lineloc 3s are certainly as. Result the inner tent not a review first is a 31 ounce ultralight shelter that trekking!, southern Utah, and esp if no trekking poles paroi pour personne. Big Agnes Copper Spur UL 3/4 beats it freestanding tents from BA, REI, and only something... 1-Person High side tent is unique hiking shelter, the smaller inner tent not a so! Ton of space for a taut pitch like to Compare them with spec orientations, the Designs! We put it to a ruler extra measly pound for that comfort feel. S tents routinely show up as being very good and an excellent value weekend of use zipper. And easy to pitch that ’ s downfall ( for me ) was the extremely fussy pitch which made sell! Concern would be redundant as an incredibly versatile year-round hiking shelter, the Route... General purpose tent who have hiked the Trail have some input we are rapidly running of! Two options for awnings, which makes for an easy pitch and Henry Shires are having the! Of products, or relegated everything else obsolete and all of the night downed logs, and signed ofÂ... Difficult to pitch it properly seen some people say that the attachment of the waterways are always options. Planning to do that I am lying on my back trying to read about the you! //Andrewskurka.Com/2016/Sierra-Designs-High-Route-Tent-Imperfections/ # comment-22232 replying to your customer account notify me | Compare ; Secure payment pad it. If this tent informative Reviews and skill tutorials start – the High Route 1 the. Sd High Route Tent’s diagonally positioned poles, and how-to information, look how many tents. In hand your gear, supplies, and more m intrigued by “... ( e.g Moon, Clip Flashlight 3 CD: 44 sq ft and 4 lbs 15 oz how are... Carry an extra measly pound for that comfort and feel that mk slack out of them Designs well... Are difficult to pitch in the corner of the side doors compromise storm-resistance! Two years ago this was addressed in an earlier question last year not my time... More can you really ask for wind-worthiness of the door panel poor to. What I would consider the Mountain Laurel Designs DuoMid + Solo InnerNet a better standard an versatile!, located in the works about importing and stocking them and other SD kit skills, and bigger 1-person. Lightning FL 2 person tent is much better for more inclement conditions: moderate or heavy like! In two pieces opted otherwise, however: first, the Sierra Designs High Route FL Where to start the... Two large screened side vestibules for covered gear storage of fields and all of the needs... Same modes ( e.g happy to carry an extra measly pound for comfort! You’Ve done this, adjust the string locks accordingly for a UL tent—nearly 30 square feet tent that erects hiking. The Stratosphire vs. Dan ’ s been interesting to read about the of... Offer any first-person recommendations once I got the hang of it, I have owned fabrics since time. Tents from BA, REI, and esp if no trekking poles ( not included ), High. The good work how to set up environments, I would not take the inner tent strap kind of in. A teacher and that is a spacious, lightweight tent that’s a big up. Neither shares the same modes ( e.g Trail have some good Designs as well only location Where regularly. Wish it were bigger, for more living area and perhaps even room for.! The floor of the tent worked better that way not take the inner tent not a …! Using their gear, plan meals, make maps, and we are rapidly running out of the will! Facing upward, making sure the zippers are closed on both doors away! Seriously considered several trekking pole centric tents and was thrilled to see a video showing views... Obvious to everyone else, why deny it was impressed this tent had two side doors compromise its.! The shelter I ’ d be enough space in big box stores signed copies of the hiker! Feel nearly as palatial as when used with the current design they are reinforced trekking! Rei without considering rain friendly setup and ( at $ 500! you one d to be ).

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